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5 Experiential College Marketing Ideas that Work

Does your company want to reach the lucrative college consumer? Are you interested in exploring out-of-the-box ways of marketing to college students? Then this article is for you!

5 Experiential College Marketing Ideas and Why they Work:

Sticky Note Marketing On Campus

1. Sticky Note Marketing On Campus

Sticky note marketing is all about co-creation and engagement making it an effective college marketing strategy. Students love to express themselves and influence brands, and with sticky note marketing they can do just that! Brands can place questions around campus—on campus bulletin boards in high traffic locations—and students can fill in responses on sticky notes and place them under the questions. This creates a dialogue between students and brands, and builds brand awareness on campus.

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On Campus Marketing Programs that Work!

Effective on campus marketing programs brand ambassadors

Peer-to-Peer Marketing On Campus

As a business or company that is striving to increase sales and build a customer base, marketing to college students makes a lot of sense. The shopping habits and brand loyalty students develop in college can influence future shopping behaviors. Adults in college are savvy consumers that will take the time to learn about a business or a company, before becoming a customer. Attracting this emerging customer base starts with effective, comprehensive on campus marketing programs.

Becoming Visible On Campus

On Campus Marketing Brand Ambassador Promotions

On Campus Marketing Brand Ambassador Promotions

If you stop and think back to your college days, you probably remember that your focus was not necessarily on the latest trends or products, unless they directly related to your immediate wants or needs. This is why effective on campus marketing for products and services that are not part of the daily life of a college student, first starts with making the product or service visible.

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