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College Student Back-To-School Marketing Opportunities

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Back-to-school advertising, during the early fall semester, can increase brand awareness and allow your company to form positive bonds with incoming students, as well as marketing to students looking for change and excitement.

Advertising to students at the beginning or near the start of the fall semester is imperative. This is a time when many students are making a lot of purchases, including clothing, technology, furniture, school supplies, household items, and media. The beginning of the fall semester represents a new year and is an exciting time for college students.

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A Few Things to Avoid in College Advertising

A Few Things to Avoid in College Advertising

This blog post discusses a few things to avoid when advertising on college campuses. A pitch made too strong can have the opposite of the desired effect.

It is important when advertising on college campuses to avoid divisiveness and polarizing topics (i.e. religion and politics for starters) and terminology in your ad, unless your organization is specifically oriented in that way (specifically a religious or political group). The reason for this is that you don’t want to alienate a good portion of your potential customers. College students are more open to other ideas, religions, and cultures—so you don’t want to present your company or product is a way that may alienate a large portion of your potential customer base.

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Support Women Empowerment When College Marketing

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Featuring strong females or supporting women’s issues will help your company engage the college demographic, allowing your company to connect with students in meaningful ways.

In today’s world, women in powerful roles are in vogue. Current movies and television shows reflect this trend by featuring prominent females in positions of power. Take the hit television show The Walking Dead—arguably one of the most popular television shows today—and its use of strong female characters. Michonne is the embodiment of power; she is fierce with a samurai blade and knows how to use biters to her advantage. She can hold her own in the fighting and is self-reliant. Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games is another example of a strong female character that has taken the media by storm and is hugely popular among the youth and collegiate demographics.

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