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Advertise to College Students Using Geo-Targeting

Advertise to College Students Using Geo-Targeting

Geo-targeting delivers ads and coupons to the phones of tech savvy, on-the-go college students. Learn effective ways to advertise to college students using geo-targeting.

3 Effective Ways to Advertise to College Students Using Geo-Targeting

1. Use Real-Time Geo-Targeting to Advertise to Students

If you walk onto any college campus, you will see college students on their phones and many students claim they are addicted to their phones. A study conducted at Baylor University found that students spend 8 to 10 hours daily on their cell phones. This type of media usage means that advertisers must look into effective ways of reaching students through mobile advertising.

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College Marketing Brand Awareness Programs Part 1

College Marketing Brand Awareness Programs Infographic

Looking for ways to increase brand awareness among the college demographic? Check out these college marketing brand awareness programs!

College Marketing Brand Awareness Programs

1. Branded Notebook Paper

Branded Notebook Paper College Marketing Brand Awareness Program

I know what you’re thinking . . . do college students still use notebook paper? Surprisingly, yes! In fact, many students prefer taking notes by hand and research shows that students are more likely to retain information if they take handwritten notes. Some professors have started implementing a no laptop policy in class due to problems with students’ social media usage during lectures.

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Don’t Make This College Marketing Mistake

Don't make this college marketing mistake

One of the biggest college marketing mistakes professionals and agencies make is believing that they understand the college market. Don’t make this college marketing mistake when advertising to students!

Why Marketing Professionals Believe They Understand the College Demographic

Oftentimes, marketers mistakenly believe they understand the college market. This can happen for a couple of reasons, the first being that they specialize in marketing to millennials. Millennials are a hot topic in marketing today and tons of research have been conducted on this niche market. However, the college demographic (18-24 year olds) is a specialized segment within this niche group and needs to be treated as such, as their desires, motivations, consumer behavior, and lifestyle habits vary greatly from other millennial groups.

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Best of 2014 College Marketing Blog Posts

Today I want to share our most popular college marketing blog posts of 2014.

Welcome Bags innovative back-to-college marketing ideas

1. 3 Innovative Back to College Marketing Ideas

Back-to-college marketing is always one of the biggest college advertising opportunities of the year. However, finding a way to stand out from the competition requires creativity and innovation. This blog explores three innovative back-to-college marketing ideas, so you can reach college students successfully.

Why Only Using Digital Marketing to Target College Students is a Mistake

2. Why Only Using Digital Marketing to Target College Students is a Mistake

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Advertise to Students at College Football Games

Advertise to Students at College Football Games

College football games attract big crowds! Advertise to students during these high-traffic events for a high return on investment.

There’s no denying that college football attracts huge crowds. Last year, nearly 50.3 million people attended NCAA football games. That’s a lot of people attending college football games and represents huge marketing potential. When most companies think of advertising at college football games, they think of sponsorship opportunities, in-stadium signage, aerial advertising, and video scoreboard ads. While these types of ads are highly visible, they are also highly competitive and extremely expensive. However, there are other ways to advertise to students at college football games that are low-cost, high return investments.

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Get Noticed with College Newspapers an Effective Form of College Advertising

Get Noticed with College Newspapers an Effective Form of College Advertising

College newspaper advertising is a marketing tool you’re going to want to have in your arsenal, as it allows you to reach the majority of college students on a frequent basis.

Newspapers in general might be a dying trend, but college newspaper readership remains consistently high. One of the reasons for this is that college newspapers feature articles, news, events, and ads relevant to the students. It is journalism dedicated to their college, community, sports teams, clubs, sororities and fraternities, and events. Students read their college newspaper because they don’t want to miss anything—they want to be in the know.

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Paper Advertising—Posters vs. Handouts, Part I

College Poster Advertising On Campus

On-campus paper advertising typically employs posters, handouts, or a combination thereof. While ideal coverage would dictate the use of both methods, a choice between the two must sometimes be made; I’ll weigh the relative merits of each.

Despite increasing use of electronic forms of information dissemination, paper advertisements remain one of the best college advertising solutions. This is true for several reasons: 1) Most college campuses offer numerous locations where such material can be posted or distributed; 2) Physical advertisements can’t simply be blocked like electronic ones can; and 3) Students, who are already familiar with the layout of their school, can be employed to distribute the posters or handouts at low cost.

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