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The Role of Social Media in College Marketing

The Role of Social Media in College Marketing

To fully understand the role of social media in college marketing, brands must think more subjectively and less objectively when measuring the effectiveness of social media.

Social media is clearly on the rise as a key component of college marketing among corporations and brands trying to reach students on college campuses.  One of the struggles I encounter quite frequently as we engage in Facebook initiatives and other types of social media marketing is how marketers can measure and apply objective metrics in measuring the ROI on social media marketing aimed at college students.

This quandary is not new in the industry as a whole and certainly not going away.  In many cases, companies who dabble in social media marketing know that it is necessary and that it does work, but they fail to apply traditional metrics in measuring the precise effects.  In recent data released by PulsePoint Group and the Economist Intelligence Unit for eMarketer it was discovered that:

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