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Capitalizing on College Sports

Youth Marketing Capitalizing on College Sports

It’s no secret that college athletics equals big money—the Texas Longhorns took in over $150 million in the 2010-11 season—[1]and youth marketing should glom onto this by capitalizing on college sports.

College sports programs, especially football teams, bring in huge amounts of cash and inspire great loyalties and rivalries—in some regions, college football fans seem more like fanatics. And wherever passions run high, college marketing is given good leverage. By tailoring advertising strategies to reference and capitalize on preexisting regional sports loyalties and emotions, youth advertisers stand to easily capture students’ attention.

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College Marketing: How to Use College Event Marketing to Promote Food and Beverage Products

How to Use College Event Marketing to Promote Food and Beverage Products

Experiential marketing and event marketing campaigns engage students and allow them to partake in the brand experience. These approaches will enable students to connect with your brand and form positive associations with your product.

Innovative snack companies and brands are turning towards college experiential marketing and college event marketing in lieu of more traditional marketing approaches when advertising to students. Many consumers, especially millennials, want to connect and engage with brands. By using unconventional marketing channels, you allow consumers to not only experience your brand but to add to the brand experience. This is important “as millennials feel a sense of co-ownership towards brands and products.”[1] Your brand will capture students’ attention and gain consumer loyalty through engagement and interaction.

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