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Energy Drink College Sampling Strategies

Energy Drink College Sampling Strategies

The best way to expose students to your energy drink and get them excited about your brand is to let them experience it. On campus sampling gives your brand that opportunity. For effective on campus sampling promotions, it’s important to pay attention to timing and approach.

Key Times for Energy Drink College Sampling Promotions

Timing is critical when distributing energy drinks to students. You want to make sure you’re providing samples to students when they need it most and will most appreciate the energy boost.

  • Early Morning Rush: Consider handing energy drinks out as students leave their dorms in the early morning or passing out bottles at high-traffic bus stops as students arrive on campus. Mornings are always tough on students and they will appreciate the extra jolt of energy.
  • Midterms, Finals, and Late Night Cram Sessions: Midterms and Finals week are stressful times on campus as students rush to get in papers and study for their exams. Energy drink companies can help students during this hectic period by passing out energy drinks in campus libraries, study areas, computer labs, and student lounges.
  • As Students Enter the Gym: Athletes and fitness conscious students are always looking for ways to get the most out of their workout and gym session. A caffeine boost can help push them to their limits and provide them with extra motivation. Giving away free energy drinks at gyms is particularly beneficial for energy drink companies that specialize in healthy, all natural, organic, and/or low-calorie energy drinks.
  • Large Events on Campus: If you’re a start-up energy drink company or are just trying to reach as many students as possible, in a short amount of time, consider promoting samples at large scale events, such as tailgating events, concerts, athletic events, homecoming, and other high-traffic venues.

College Brand Ambassador Strategies for Energy Drink Companies

One of the most common misconceptions about college marketing is that all brand ambassadors are the same. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Brand ambassadors can make or break your campaign. They are the people who interact with students and promote your company, so it’s important you select the right people for the job.

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College Marketing Brand Awareness Programs Part 1

College Marketing Brand Awareness Programs Infographic

Looking for ways to increase brand awareness among the college demographic? Check out these college marketing brand awareness programs!

College Marketing Brand Awareness Programs

1. Branded Notebook Paper

Branded Notebook Paper College Marketing Brand Awareness Program

I know what you’re thinking . . . do college students still use notebook paper? Surprisingly, yes! In fact, many students prefer taking notes by hand and research shows that students are more likely to retain information if they take handwritten notes. Some professors have started implementing a no laptop policy in class due to problems with students’ social media usage during lectures.

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College Marketing Ideas for Back to School Part 1

1. Offer College Student Discounts

college marketing ideas back to school

A great way to generate new customers and inform incoming students about your business is by providing students with a discount to your establishment. Have brand ambassadors pass out promotional coupons at the beginning of the fall semester. That way you will encourage students to visit your business before buying patterns set in. Consider offering a college student discount day every week to promote repeat business.

2. Provide Students with Free Samples

college marketing ideas college sampling

College sampling is a great way to get your products into the hands of students. Incoming college students will be buying many items for the first time and a way to encourage them to choose your brand over the competition is by giving them a free sample. Reach college students during this impressionable time with college sampling.

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College Marketing: Promoting Health During the New Year

College Marketing: Promoting Health During the New Year

Promoting health during the New Year and advertising on college campuses is an excellent way for workout facilities to gain new clientele.

The New Year is an excellent time for brands and businesses featuring health and fitness products and services to advertise to students. Top New Year’s resolutions, include living a healthier lifestyle, getting in shape, and maintaining a better diet. College students are interested in their health, not just to maintain their appearance or lose weight—though that certainly does play a part—but because they want to be healthy and active.

There is a growing interest among college students and teens in organic foods, vegetarian and vegan options, and sustainable cultivation. This make sense given that the youth care about supporting their community and care about the environment. Buying organic food from sustainable sources allows them to feel good about eating healthily, but also lets them feel good about contributing to a good cause.

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Use Sampling to Test Consumer Reactions to New Products

Test Consumer Reactions to New Products image

Use sampling campaigns to engage prospective clients and test consumer reactions to new products.

Test Consumer Reactions to New Products

It’s important to test consumer reactions to new products before releasing them into the mainstream. With sampling campaigns, brands have the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the consumer mindset—to engage with prospective clients and to listen to what they have to say. Sampling campaigns should generate interest and build excitement with consumers, as well as solicit advice, feedback, and opinions from potential customers. It’s a time to let consumer voices shine.

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Candy Companies Reaching College Students

Candy Companies Reaching College Students
Candy companies reaching college students using nostalgia marketing, peer-to-peer marketing, and sampling campaigns will increase brand awareness and drive brand-consumer engagement. 

The holiday season is a big time for candy and chocolate companies. After all, what would Halloween be like without trick-or-treaters, Christmas without fudge and candy canes, and Valentine’s Day without chocolate? Links between candy and holidays are forever ingrained in the consumer mindset; they have become part of the national consciousness, incorporated into holiday celebrations, and integrated into family traditions.

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How to Successfully Market to Young Women

Market to Young Women
Utilize these 6 tips to successfully market to young women.

  1. Know your demographic – Young women will be more receptive to your advertising campaign if it is targeted specifically for their demographic. One way to do this is to research what college-age women like, making your promotional materials easily relatable. Make your product/service marketable to them by demonstrating that it is an essential component of every young woman’s life, and that without it something would be missing. Also, play on the college experience and use that in your marketing strategy.
  2. Be informative – Women want to know the facts. They want to know why they should buy your product/service instead of buying someone else’s. Young women tend to read online reviews and use the internet to find out more information about your company before making a purchase. When advertising to college-age women it is important to let them know what your product will do for them. Consider providing a sample of your product, allowing the product to speak for itself.
  3. Don’t be pushy – Women want to be in control of their lives and therefore like to make their own decisions. They don’t need someone to tell them what they want. When promoting a product don’t be overtly aggressive, instead be helpful and informative. Speak about the benefits of your product and allow them to reach a decision themselves. Heavy sale tactics could scare them away before they even know what you’re selling.
  4. Make sure your customers are happy: If women are happy with your product, they will tell their friends and family about it. Young women tend to be loyal customers and if they like your company they will tell their peers. This will lead to a viral word of mouth marketing strategy, which is one of the most effective marketing strategies for this demographic.
  5. Offer coupons or deals: Women, especially young college-age women, love to save money. According to Business News Daily, nine out of ten (91 percent) of women use coupons to get a better deal (including 51 percent who print coupons from the Internet), 29 percent use competitor coupons and 11 percent use coupons directly off their cell phones. Take advantage of the fact that women love a good deal and market accordingly.
  6. Contact NAM Youth Marketing We are here to help you come up with innovative ways to market to young women. If you want to increase sales in this demographic, contact us today. We are here to make your promotional campaign a success.

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Reciprocity in College Advertising

Reciprocity in College Advertising

College students find promotions that offer to give them something particularly appealing for a number of reasons. 

Too often, marketing campaigns simply ask for something—your money, your time, or at least belief in their claims—without offering any immediate reciprocal return. This may be a grave error where youth advertising is concerned.

Given that over three-quarters of the parents polled in a recent survey think their kids are “a little” or “a lot” spoiled,[1] and with children today expecting everything from designer clothes to high-tech gadgets, it follows that college students—among whom middle-class (or higher) backgrounds are overrepresented—are used to being given things. As such, students may be less likely to buy into traditional collegiate promotions than ones that engage them through a tangible offer.

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College Marketing: The Rise of Social Activism Among the Youth Part 3

College Marketing: The Rise of Social Activism Among the Youth Part 3

In “College Marketing: The Rise of Social Activism Among the Youth Part 1I discussed the behavioral shift among Millennials in seeking a more socially active role in society and explored some of the reasons behind this trend. In “College Marketing: The Rise of Social Activism Among the Youth Part 2I explained why this increase in social activism among college students and teens affects companies and organizations, and why they should care. In this blog I will discuss ways in which brands can connect and engage the youth through cause marketing, and how this will impact companies in the future.

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College Advertising: The Importance of Reaching College Students During Orientation

The Importance of Reaching College Students During Orientation

Transitional periods make great marketing opportunities. Reaching college students during orientation is a great time for brands to connect with the youth.

Given the problems Millennials face today—the tough economy, increasing student loan debt, and high unemployment rates among college graduates—marketers might overlook this highly influential market, thinking that they do not have significant buying power. Sandra Lopez, Intel Marketing Strategy Director for New Business, in a recent interview quickly dispelled this notion:

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