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8 College Tailgate Marketing Event Ideas

8 College Tailgate Marketing Event Ideas

Want to reach 49 million college football attendees at the biggest games of the year? Explore 8 college tailgate marketing event ideas and learn how brands can create interactive game day experiences for fans.

8 College Tailgate Marketing Event Ideas

1. Set Up Branded Tailgate Tents with Sample Giveaways


Have a product college students will love? Consider setting up branded tents in popular tailgating areas and giving away free samples. College students will happily take free items, especially if they contribute to the game day experience in some way.

2. Launch Mobile Bus Tailgating Tours

College Mobile Bus Tailgating Tours

Mobile bus tailgating tours allow brands to create a memorable experience for tailgate attendees. With mobile tours, brands have the opportunity to engage customers face to face and have two-way conversations with customers. Brands can have hands-on product demonstrations, as well as social and digital contests to keep the communication going after the bus leaves.

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Build Brand Awareness with College Football Marketing

college football marketing student brand ambassadors

College football marketing provides tremendous branding opportunities for companies looking to reach the college crowd. Explore college football marketing strategies that don’t break the bank and are accessible to both big and small companies.

Low-Cost Options for College Football Marketing

  1. Use College Street Teams to Pass Out Promotional Materials

Brand ambassadors are an excellent way to get your promotional ads into the hands of football game attendees. They can pass out call-to-action coupons, samples, or promotional flyers to attendees as they enter and exit the arena. If you want to target college students specifically, you can hire students to pass out swag in the student section of the stands. This is a fun, interactive way of reaching fans and raising awareness for your brand.

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College Marketing Ideas for Back to School Part 2

In my last blog, College Marketing Ideas for Back to School Part 1, I listed 5 college marketing ideas for reaching students during the fall semester. In this blog, I will explore 5 additional college marketing ideas for back-to-college marketing.

6. Advertise at College Football Games and Sporting Events

Advertise at College Football Games and Sporting Events

College sporting events are great venues for connecting with college students and promoting your brand! High-traffic games provide opportunities to deliver your message to large crowds of college students in fun, interactive ways. There are many options to advertise at college football games and other popular sporting events that don’t require huge budgets. Consider advertising at tailgating events, using brand ambassadors to pass out product samples or promotional material, having fraternities or sororities host game day parties and introduce your product, promoting sweepstakes and contests, or setting up on-campus game day events.

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College Marketing Ideas for Back to School Part 1

1. Offer College Student Discounts

college marketing ideas back to school

A great way to generate new customers and inform incoming students about your business is by providing students with a discount to your establishment. Have brand ambassadors pass out promotional coupons at the beginning of the fall semester. That way you will encourage students to visit your business before buying patterns set in. Consider offering a college student discount day every week to promote repeat business.

2. Provide Students with Free Samples

college marketing ideas college sampling

College sampling is a great way to get your products into the hands of students. Incoming college students will be buying many items for the first time and a way to encourage them to choose your brand over the competition is by giving them a free sample. Reach college students during this impressionable time with college sampling.

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Sports Events Magazine’s Interview with NAM Youth Marketing

Attracting Millennials to Sports Events

NAM Youth Marketing was featured in an article recently by Sports Events Magazine—a magazine dedicated to helping planners of sporting events and competitions become more successful. Here’s an excerpt of the questions I was asked for the article with my responses:

1. What are the major challenges of getting millennials’ attention?

Technology plays a significant role in millennials’ lives and causes their values to rapidly change. For instance, smartphones and social networking allow millennials to connect with friends without leaving home. This challenges industries that historically relied on more-active participation. These businesses must now reimagine how to capture the attention of increasingly distracted and electronically connected youths.

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Best of 2014 College Marketing Blog Posts

Today I want to share our most popular college marketing blog posts of 2014.

Welcome Bags innovative back-to-college marketing ideas

1. 3 Innovative Back to College Marketing Ideas

Back-to-college marketing is always one of the biggest college advertising opportunities of the year. However, finding a way to stand out from the competition requires creativity and innovation. This blog explores three innovative back-to-college marketing ideas, so you can reach college students successfully.

Why Only Using Digital Marketing to Target College Students is a Mistake

2. Why Only Using Digital Marketing to Target College Students is a Mistake

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Advertise to Students at College Football Games

Advertise to Students at College Football Games

College football games attract big crowds! Advertise to students during these high-traffic events for a high return on investment.

There’s no denying that college football attracts huge crowds. Last year, nearly 50.3 million people attended NCAA football games. That’s a lot of people attending college football games and represents huge marketing potential. When most companies think of advertising at college football games, they think of sponsorship opportunities, in-stadium signage, aerial advertising, and video scoreboard ads. While these types of ads are highly visible, they are also highly competitive and extremely expensive. However, there are other ways to advertise to students at college football games that are low-cost, high return investments.

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Why American Football is Losing Ground with College Students

Why American Football is Losing Ground with College Students image

Why do you think American football is losing ground with college students?

This article explains some of the reasons why American football is losing ground with college students, including changes in technology, new forms of entertainment, bad publicity, and the concussion epidemic.

A major problem college football teams face is declining student interest and attendance at football games. This is worrisome because it could reflect future trends in viewership among the youth population at both the college and professional level. Attracting millennials’ attention is critical in maintaining the popularity of the sport, so it’s important to analyze the different factors that are influencing this shift in behavior in order to determine ways in which this trend can be reversed.

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