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College Student Back-To-School Marketing Opportunities

Back-to-School Advertising | Marketing to Students image

Back-to-school advertising, during the early fall semester, can increase brand awareness and allow your company to form positive bonds with incoming students, as well as marketing to students looking for change and excitement.

Advertising to students at the beginning or near the start of the fall semester is imperative. This is a time when many students are making a lot of purchases, including clothing, technology, furniture, school supplies, household items, and media. The beginning of the fall semester represents a new year and is an exciting time for college students.

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College Marketing Campaign During Midterm or Finals

college marketing campaign during midterm or finals image

Midterm and finals week might be a hectic time for college students, but it is also an ideal time for collegiate marketing. Having a college marketing campaign during midterm or finals, while taking students’ needs into consideration, can leave a lasting impression and earn the students’ respect.

College Marketing Campaign During Midterm and Finals

It might seem illogical to have a college marketing campaign during midterm or finals week, when students are at their busiest. Everyone has experienced the dread of realizing it is finals week and knowing that procrastinating might not have been the best idea. That is when the mad rush begins; trying to do all night cram sessions to make up for the lack of studying earlier. The whole student body seems to be frantic about focusing on the task at hand. However, if done correctly, it can actually be a great time for marketing to college students.

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Support Women Empowerment When College Marketing

Support Women Empowerment When College Marketing image

Featuring strong females or supporting women’s issues will help your company engage the college demographic, allowing your company to connect with students in meaningful ways.

In today’s world, women in powerful roles are in vogue. Current movies and television shows reflect this trend by featuring prominent females in positions of power. Take the hit television show The Walking Dead—arguably one of the most popular television shows today—and its use of strong female characters. Michonne is the embodiment of power; she is fierce with a samurai blade and knows how to use biters to her advantage. She can hold her own in the fighting and is self-reliant. Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games is another example of a strong female character that has taken the media by storm and is hugely popular among the youth and collegiate demographics.

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Engaging College Students Matters More Than Sheer Numbers Alone in College Marketing

Engaging College Students Social Media Marketing image

When marketing to college students, it is more important to focus on providing engaging, meaningful content than focusing solely on numbers.

Social media marketing enables brands to gain followers and friends, while highlighting and marketing upcoming events or products. It is a great medium for reaching college students, since they readily indulge in various social media platforms. Knowing your target audience and their love of social media can help jumpstart conversations and engagement with your brand. Social media marketing can be an excellent college marketing tool when done correctly. However, most companies lose sight of the bigger goal—forming meaningful connections—when using social media marketing; instead they focus on numbers alone. This obsession on numbers shifts the attention away from engagement and creating strong customer-brand relations and focuses more on quantity.

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Utilize SMS Mobile Coupons in Your Next College Marketing Plan

SMS mobile coupons college marketing image

SMS mobile coupons are a fast, efficient way of marketing to college students. They provide students with an incentive to act and are a great college marketing tool. 

SMS mobile coupons are increasingly popular among the college demographic and are a great form of college student marketing. For the majority of college students, their smartphones have become an essential component of their everyday life. They use it to text, send e-mails, check social media sites, take photographs, browse the web, and as a phone. Their phones have become their lifeline to the world. They use their phones to socialize and stay up-to-date with what is happening in the world.

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‘Camo’ Campaign launched by Sprite

‘Camo’ Campaign launched by Sprite

A new global campaign associated with Sprite creates a visual metaphor for teens to promote expression of “true selves”. Several teen actors were painted in light-gray paint to blend in with gray buildings. The ‘camo’ is shed once teens drink some Sprite.

Global VP of Sprite, Jonathan Mildenhall, had this to say about the campaign: “[It’s] an insightful invitation to teens all over the world to feel comfortable about themselves.”

The campaign will be running on TV worldwide including Facebook and Youtube.

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HTML5 is Replacing Adobe Flash

HTML5 is Replacing Adobe Flash

As more companies phase out their use of Flash they are replacing it with HTML5. The trend is motivated by the greater compatibility it offers as Flash is unsupported by Apple products and Google can’t index inferior pages.

Sites like InboundWriter, a content optimization search engine have also supported the shift by revamping its support for HTML5 for tablets and smartphones.

Google Webmaster Trends analyst John Mueller suggests that while writing code not only in HTML5 but HTML and XHTML your best bet is to keep the markup as clean as possible; it is easier to maintain and allows you to faster add new elements like microformats. Another perk is it offers greater compatibility across more browsers and devices.

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New video technology exaggerates tiny motions at MIT

MIT's New Video Technology Exaggerates Tiny Motions

Over at MIT a new technology has been developed that in experiments made visible tiny vibrations of individual guitar strings as well as someone’s pulse as their skin reddened with blood. A lot of products are advertised using graphic technology making it hard to tell sometimes what you’re really getting in a product. This technology could open up a new avenue for advertisers to create more credibility for products.

The essence of product features such as crash mechanisms for cars would be able to be captured better using this technology. “The seatbelts might tighten. The brakes are applied and the airbag deployed. It’s difficult to show it real-time. It just looks like a crash.” Says Eric Gulino, an ad executive at Skiver Advertising. This technology could change that as it would allow real-time demonstrations of such products to be captured without need for post-production work. This could make the product more transparent for consumers who are assured that what they saw wasn’t computer generated.

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Some SEO tips to deal with Google’s over-optimization penalty

SEO tips to deal with Google’s over-optimization penalty

Over at Rand Fishkin made a video outlining some useful measures to take to adjust your SEO pages. He covered the most likely SEO patterns to look out for when the new algorithms are released that will penalize sites that have gone overboard with SEO. If I were to sum all of what was covered in a sentence it would be to avoid manipulating the users and search engines.

Here’s a point form of what was covered.

-Titles need to be authentic, written as if a human had written them. Avoid spam titles or those perceived to be manipulative.

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Apple to debut powerful new in-house 3D maps application with their release of iOS 6

Apple to Debut Powerful New 3D Maps

The new application will replace what older versions of the mobile operating system have used with Google Maps.

In addition to having a similar interface to the Google Maps currently on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (allowing users to make a shift without much getting used to), the new application is said to be cleaner, faster, and more reliable.

‘Maps’, as it is now being called, will be supported by Apple’s recent purchase of Placebase C3 technologies and Poly9, which Apple has used to create its own maps database.

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