Use Email Marketing To Reach Incoming Students

Use Email Marketing To Reach Incoming Students

Just because school’s out, doesn’t mean you should neglect the college crowd. In fact, summertime is a great time to get ahead of the competition and ready for back to school.

Summer is a great time to launch a college email marketing campaign. You will be able to reach individuals at key transitional stages in life, such as incoming college students or recent college graduates. Being able to select and send emails to new college students is a great opportunity for brands and companies wanting to reach college students early in their collegiate career. It’s also a great time to capture students’ attention before they buy their back-to-school supplies and dorm room essentials.

Students transitioning to college life will be making many purchases as they prepare for their first year of college, including school supplies, dorm room furnishings, electronics, bedding and laundry supplies, toiletries, clothing, food and kitchen supplies, and more.

You want to reach these students before they step on campus, as the majority of their back-to-school dollars will be spent in the weeks leading up to the beginning of school. Brands that provide helpful suggestions, such as a College Essentials Checklist for Incoming Students, and offer student discounts will see a high ROI. Just make sure the content of your email is valuable and builds on the excitement of this transitional period.

College Email Marketing Checklist for Success

  • Provide valuable, relevant, and easily digestible content
  • Contain a clear, compelling call to action
  • Make sure your email is easy to read with an eye-catching design
  • Demonstrate that your brand cares and wants to help students on their collegiate journey
  • Write clear, engaging subjects lines
  • Target the right students for your brand—you can easily narrow your list by class year, gender, geographical location, major, etc.
  •  Make sure you’re delivering 100% opt-in and permission based emails
  • Ensure quality and deliverability by scrubbing your email list daily
  • Keep it short and to the point
  • Test your campaigns with A/B testing
  • Personalize your message


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