Attract Students’ Attention with Sidewalk Chalk Advertising

Sidewalk chalk advertising on campus

Sidewalk chalk advertising is a cost-effective way to get your ad in front of students and build brand awareness on college campuses.

3 Reasons Why Brands Should Utilize Chalk Ads when Advertising to Students

1. College Campuses Have a High Concentration of Foot Traffic

Colleges and universities are designed for pedestrians and walking is the main way students get around. Campus sidewalks are filled with students, as students walk between classes or head to the dining hall for lunch. College sporting events also draw large crowds of pedestrian traffic to campuses. All this foot traffic, makes sidewalk chalk ads a great way to increase brand awareness on campus!

Students will see your chalk advertisements multiple times a day as they walk around campus. Brands can place hundreds of ads on campus sidewalks, increasing brand awareness with students. This is especially great for brands trying to advertise an upcoming event. Students will see the ads and begin talking with their peers about the event.

2. Sidewalk Chalk Advertising is an Economical form of College Advertising

Sidewalk chalk advertising is a cost-effective form of college advertising, as the material costs are relatively inexpensive. At the basic level, you just need chalk and someone willing to write the ads. We recommend using student brand ambassadors, as they’re students at the colleges where the ads are being placed; they will have an easier time placing the ads than a non-student, since they attend the university and are involved on campus.

For a more polished and uniform look, you will need stencils, in addition to chalk, for your advertisement. While stencils cost more to design and develop, they’re still budget friendly and only a couple are needed per campus. Sidewalk chalk advertising can produce big results from a low-cost investment and is a great option for brands with limited budgets.   

3. Sidewalk Chalk Advertising Allows Brands to be Creative

Sidewalk chalk advertising allows brands to be creative with their ads. The chalk ads can be simple—consisting of just the brand logo—or they can be elaborate artistic creations with digital photo ops for students. The advertising space is vast and brands have the freedom to design an ad that best represents their brand and the message they’re trying to send. Sidewalk chalk advertising allows brands to think outside the box and develop some truly unique ads that will leave an impression with students.

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