Top College Marketing Blog Posts of 2016

Top College Marketing Blog Posts of 2016

Check out NAM Youth Marketing’s top college marketing blog posts of 2016 by pageviews. Read the best college marketing ideas, strategies, and tips. Plus, a look into college advertising brand awareness programs that work.

Read Our Top College Marketing Blog Posts of 2016

1. 5 Experiential College Marketing Ideas that Work 

5 Experiential College Marketing Ideas

Looking for new and exciting ways to market to college students? This blog post explores 5 experiential college marketing ideas and why they work. From mobile college marketing tours to lead generation campaigns, this blog will give you innovative ideas to reaching and engaging the lucrative college audience.

2. Energy Drink College Sampling Strategies

Energy Drink College Sampling Strategies

The college market is crucial for energy drink companies. College students are big consumers of energy drinks and their influence carries over into the mainstream, so it’s very important for energy drink companies to capture this audience. This blog post explores the best times for energy drink sampling promotions on campus and advice for effective college brand ambassador programs.

3. 3 College Marketing Tips for Successful College Marketing Campaigns

3 College Marketing Tips for Successful College Marketing Campaigns

How do you launch and execute a successful college marketing campaign? How do you get the highest ROI and the most out of your college advertising budget? This blog post features 3 college marketing tips for successful college marketing campaigns.

4. Advertise to College Students Using Geo-Targeting

using Geo-Targeting to Advertise to College Students

Companies are constantly looking for ways to digitally advertise to college students. This blog post discusses geo-targeting strategies and how to deliver ads to the phones of tech savvy, on-the-go college students.

5. College Advertising Brand Awareness Programs Part 2

college advertising kiosks brand awareness program

Looking for quick and effective ways to build brand awareness among the college market? Here are 3 college advertising ideas for increasing brand awareness on college campuses.

6. College Marketing Tips for Automakers Part 1 

College Marketing Tips for Automakers

Getting the youth (or their parents) to buy cars is increasingly challenging. People are delaying the car buying process and that is one of the reasons college marketing is so important for automakers. This blog post explores college marketing tips for automakers and how the auto industry can appeal to college students.

7. College Marketing Tips for Automakers Part 2  

College marketing tips for automakers part 2

This blog post explores additional college marketing strategies and advice for automakers, including what works and what doesn’t when marketing to millennials. It also provides insight into how to advertise in student dorms and residence halls.

8. 3 College Marketing Tips to Utilize During Back to School

 3 College Marketing Tips to Utilize During Back to School

Back to school is always an important time for brands to connect and engage with incoming and returning students. It’s a big opportunity for brands to develop relationships with students. This article gives 3 tips for back to school college marketing promotions.

9. Start Conversations On Campus with College Brand Ambassador Programs

Nutella College Brand Ambassador Program

What makes a good brand ambassador program? How do you get results from brand ambassador programs? Not all brand ambassador programs work. That’s why you need to make sure you launch an effective brand ambassador program that resonates with students. This blog post shows you successful college brand ambassador programs and how they work for brands.

10. College Marketing Brand Awareness Programs Part 1

Branded Notebook Paper College Marketing Brand Awareness Program

Many companies want to increase brand awareness on campus. This article shows 3 cost-effective ways to grow brand awareness on campus. These brand awareness programs are great for brands wanting to maximize the success of their campaign, while keeping costs down.

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