How Lingerie Companies Can Win Over College Students This Valentine’s Day

Host Sorority Lingerie Parties Leading Up to Valentine’s Day

Learn how lingerie companies can win over college students this Valentine’s Day with fun on campus events and visual gift guides.

How Lingerie Companies Can Win Over College Students This Valentine’s Day

1. Host Sorority Lingerie Parties Leading Up to Valentine’s Day

Sorority members have huge influence on campus and can quickly launch a brand to success via word of mouth and peer-to-peer recommendations. Kim Bhasin explains in her article, Win the Sorority Girl, Win the American Wardrobe, the influential power sororities have: Once one sorority picks up on a brand, it can spread from person to person like a scandalous secret, infiltrating one house after the other until every sorority in the country knows about it.

So how can lingerie companies tap into this influential demographic? By hosting lingerie parties at key sororities around the country. One fun way to go about doing this, would be to pick a sorority and have each member send in their sizes. The lingerie company can then send each girl in the sorority a different item to wear. They can unbox these at the start of the lingerie party; the anticipation and mystery will add to the excitement of the evening.

This is a great way to showcase your lingerie line. Many sorority girls won’t just want the lingerie piece they were sent, they will want to purchase some of the others worn by their sorority sisters. Make sure to send catalogs and coupons for future purchases (and don’t forget to provide extra coupons, so they can give them to other sorority chapters on campus).

2. Host Speed Dating Events On Campus

College students lead busy lives and speed dating is a fun and fast way for college students to meet people. Lingerie companies can host speed dating events on college campuses leading up to Valentine’s Day. This is a great way for lingerie brands to build brand awareness, while providing an entertaining event for college students. Focus first on making the event fun, and then plan all the branding aspects: on-site banners, table tents, posters, and coupons.

3. Send Valentine’s Day Reminders and Gift Idea Suggestions

College students have a lot going on, so they’ll be appreciative of a friendly reminder that Valentine’s Day is coming up, especially when that reminder has helpful gift guides and includes a coupon. Consider placing reminders and call-to-action coupons on door handles in campus dorms or have brand ambassadors pass out postcards to students in high-traffic locations on campus leading up to Valentine’s Day. You can also distribute catalogs on campus magazine racks or through direct mail.

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