3 College Marketing Tips to Utilize During Back to School

3 College Marketing Tips to Utilize During Back to School

Want to market to college students this fall? Here are 3 college marketing tips to utilize during back to school to make your marketing campaign a success.

3 College Marketing Tips to Utilize During Back to School

  1. Make Personal Connections with Students During Back to School

    Back to school is an exciting time for students. Freshmen will be beginning their collegiate journey, while upperclassmen will be reconnecting with friends and reacquainting themselves with their university.

    Back to school is an excellent time for brands to connect and engage with students on campus. Excitement will be high as students prepare for their new classes and the start of the semester. The trick to successful back to school marketing is to make personal connections with students.

    No student wants intrusive advertising thrown at them at this time. They want to enjoy the moment. However, if brands provide something of value to students and make an effort to have a conversation with them, students will be more open to hearing from brands.

    Remember to have a dialogue with students, to listen to what they have to say, and to provide them with an opportunity to connect and engage with your brand. Make meaningful connections with students and your brand will be remembered.

  2. Create Memorable Experiences for Students During Back to School

    Creating a memorable experience for students during back to school is one of the best things brands can do to gain loyal fans on campus. Students are highly impressionable during this time and will appreciate brands that contribute to the back to school experience.

    Again, it’s important to make sure you’re providing a positive brand experience to students that aligns with college life and back to school. Take the time to think about why your brand appeals to college students and how your brand can make a big impact on campus through experiential marketing.

  3. Cater to the YOLO and FOMO College Student Mentality

    Today’s college students have FOMO (fear of missing out) and at many campuses across the nation students have taken up the YOLO (you only live once) mentality. Brands shouldn’t create fear and anxiety for students; instead, they should help students achieve their goals, dreams, and desires by offering experiences and limited-edition products to students that cater to their YOLO mentality and allow them to enjoy life to the fullest.

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