Start Conversations On Campus with College Brand Ambassador Programs

Nutella College Brand Ambassador Program

College brand ambassador programs allow brands to start conversations on campus and meaningfully connect with students through peer-to-peer marketing.

College brand ambassador programs allow brands to connect with students on campus using student influencers. These college brand ambassadors have access to student spaces and connections on campus that allow them to distribute ads and meaningfully start conversations with students. This is an organic type of marketing that resonates with students.

Types of College Brand Ambassador Programs

1. Brands Host Fraternity and Sorority Parties

College Brand Ambassador Program Fraternity Sorority Party

Fraternity and sorority groups have major influence on campus. They also are highly social groups that spend money on apparel, food and beverage products, trips, music festivals, spring break, parties, and other social gatherings.

There are many ways brands can host and/or promote during fraternity and sorority parties. Companies can giveaway branded items, such as shot glasses, ping pong balls, beer koozies, bottle openers, t-shirts, hats, and sunglasses. You can also give away free product samples at the fraternity or sorority event; this is especially great for consumable items, like food and beverages.

If your product isn’t tangible, such as an app, consider hosting a fraternity and sorority party and rewarding the college brand ambassadors promoting the service or app (usually the frat or sorority hosting the event) a monetary compensation based on the number of student sign ups or app downloads acquired.

2. Permission-Based Classroom Announcements

Permission-Based Classroom Announcements

Another great college brand ambassador program is having student brand ambassadors make permission-based classroom announcements in targeted classrooms. This is an especially valuable form of marketing for educational recruiters, study abroad programs, internship and employment opportunities, academic competitions, and non-profit organizations.

This is targeted form of marketing and brands can choose what types of students and classes they want to market to. For example, an MBA program trying to increase enrollment applications will want to have college brand ambassadors make classroom announcements in senior-level undergraduate business classes; whereas a study abroad program will want to have college brand ambassadors make classroom announcements in foreign language classes.

Permission-based classroom announcements are a great way to reach a captive student audience. For these type of programs to work, it’s important to make sure professors and students see value in what you’re offering.

3. Sample Giveaways  & Student Feedback

 College Brand Ambassador Programs Sampling Promotions

College students love free stuff! A great way to gain exposure for a new product and increase sales is through on campus sampling. Students are more likely to buy a product, if they sample it first. Our network of college brand ambassadors know the best spots on campus to distribute samples and can set up tables in high-traffic locations on campus.

In addition to getting your product on campus and into the hands of students, you can also gather valuable student feedback in the process. College brand ambassadors can start conversations with students and ask them questions about your brand, product, and messaging. They can have interviews with students, recording important quotes, reactions, and impressions.

Contact us to learn more about college brand ambassador programs and opportunities for brands. If you’re interested in becoming a college brand ambassador, apply here.

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