College Marketing Brand Awareness Programs Part 1

College Marketing Brand Awareness Programs Infographic

Looking for ways to increase brand awareness among the college demographic? Check out these college marketing brand awareness programs!

College Marketing Brand Awareness Programs

1. Branded Notebook Paper

Branded Notebook Paper College Marketing Brand Awareness Program

I know what you’re thinking . . . do college students still use notebook paper? Surprisingly, yes! In fact, many students prefer taking notes by hand and research shows that students are more likely to retain information if they take handwritten notes. Some professors have started implementing a no laptop policy in class due to problems with students’ social media usage during lectures.

Branded notebook paper is a great way to get your logo and company information in front of students. Your ad will be placed at the top of each sheet of paper and students will see your ad when taking notes and reviewing those notes. Students like to save money on school supplies and will happily take free branded notebook paper. This college marketing brand awareness program is great for back to school.

2. Dorm Room Door Hanger Ads

Door Hanger Ads College Marketing Brand Awareness Programs

Dorm room advertising is an efficient and effective branding initiative that allows you to reach every student living on campus. Ads are placed on door handles in residence halls (similar to the do not disturb door hangers in hotels). They’re highly visible ads that students will read as they remove them from their door. One ad can reach multiple students who’re rooming together.

Dorm rooms are tight knit communities; when you advertise to students living together, they will talk among themselves about the promotion. This is especially advantageous for spring break destinations, events, music festivals, restaurants, entertainment venues, and any social activity.

3. Branded Tissues

Tissue Advertising College Marketing Brand Awareness Program

Students like it when brands give them something they need. Branded tissue advertising works best when the tissues are given away during flu season, when students are feeling under the weather, or during emotional events, such as college move-in day or graduation. They will be much appreciated by students during these times.

Branded tissue advertising also works well when paired with a product sample giveaway. For example, a soup company could give students a small can of soup, a branded tissue pack, and a coupon. A cosmetic company could provide sample lipsticks and tissues to students.

A benefit of branded tissue advertising is that it leads to repeat exposure. Students will see your ad whenever they use a tissue!

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