College Advertising Brand Awareness Programs Part 3

College Advertising Brand Awareness Programs Part 3 infographic

Building brand awareness on campus is an essential college advertising strategy. In the third and final part of this series we’re going to explore 3 college advertising brand awareness programs and why they work. If you’re not caught up on the series, check out part 1 and part 2.

Effective College Advertising Brand Awareness Programs Part 3

7. College Poster Advertising

College Poster Advertising Brand Awareness Program

College poster advertising is where poster ads are placed on campus bulletin boards in prominent locations at select universities and colleges. Poster advertising can be broad in scope, generating brand awareness throughout the entire campus, or it can be highly targeted, placing posters ads in hard science classrooms.

Students will see your poster ads multiple times a day as they walk to and from their classes. Poster ads can be placed on multiple bulletin boards per building, guaranteeing repeat exposure. Not only will students see your ad multiple times a day, they will also see it multiple times a month as college poster advertising is typically done in 30 or 60 day waves, making it an effective on campus brand awareness program.

8. Sticky Note Advertising

Sticky Note Advertising Brand Awareness Program

Sticky note advertising is a type of guerilla marketing that involves the distribution of branded sticky note messages on college campuses. Sticky notes can be placed on college bulletin boards, posters, walls, kiosks, bus shelters, and other prominent surfaces that will draw attention and create buzz on campus.

It’s important to keep your messages funny, engaging and real. College students love brands that are authentic, offer original content, and invite them to interact in some way, either through a contest or a co-creation opportunity.

9. Postcard Advertising On Campus

Postcard Advertising On Campus

Raise awareness on campus with postcard advertising! Student brand ambassadors can slip postcard ads under student dorms in residence halls on campus. This is a great way to advertise to students living on campus. Brand ambassadors can also pass out these call-to-action postcards to students on campus through hand-to-hand marketing. Combining dorm room postcard distributing with hand-to-hand marketing ensures that students who don’t live on campus are reached as well, and leads to repeat exposure for on campus student residents.

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