College Advertising Brand Awareness Programs Part 2

College Advertising Brand Awareness Programs Part 2

This blog post explores 3 effective college advertising brand awareness programs that can be utilized on college campuses. Check out this post, if you missed part 1. 

College Advertising Brand Awareness Programs Part 2

4. College Advertising Kiosks

college advertising kiosks brand awareness program

College advertising kiosks are free-standing out-of-home advertising displays that are placed in high-traffic locations on college campuses and are used to reach students as they walk around campus. These large, advertising panels attract students’ attention due to their size and prominent placement around campus. Companies can build brand awareness on campus by strategically placing them near entryways, newspaper racks, ATMs, vending machines, and FedEx, USPS, and UPS drop boxes. Raise awareness and advertise to students with college advertising kiosk displays!

5. College Bus Shelter Advertising

College Bus Shelter Advertising Brand Awareness Program

College bus shelter ads are large, stationary ads displayed at bus stops around campus. This is a great way to advertise to students waiting for the bus and to reach commuter students traveling to class. Campus bus shelter advertising is a college advertising brand awareness program that provides exposure to pedestrians, drivers, and bus riders. College bus shelter advertising gives brands the opportunity to boldly showcase their ads in an uncluttered environment. Let students know about your brand and services with bus shelter advertising!

6. College Table Tent Advertising

college table tent advertising brand awareness program

College table tent advertising is an innovative type of college advertising, where three-dimensional A-frame ads are positioned on heavily-used tables on campus. Table tent ads can be placed in dining halls, student cafes, study areas, academic buildings, student lounges, campus coffee shops, student unions, recreation centers, libraries, computer labs, and administrative buildings. Table tent advertising is a great way to generate repeat exposure on campus, as they will be seen by students and faculty multiple times a day.

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