Social Media Isn’t the Only College Marketing Option

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Explore effective ways to market to college students that don’t involve social media. See if these college marketing options are right for your brand!

If you visit a college campus, you will notice the majority of college students have their phones in hand or within reach, and many will have laptops and/or tablets out as well. College students are constantly connected; however, that doesn’t mean that social media marketing and online advertising is the only way to reach the college crowd.

In fact, college students dislike online and social media ads more than any other form of advertising. Furthermore, since nearly every brand is on social media and uses social media advertising, it’s very easy to get lost in this space. Other college marketing strategies may prove more effective in capturing college students’ attention and creating memorable impressions with students. Let’s explore some college marketing options that don’t involve social media (though social media can certainly be incorporated, if desired):

Effective College Marketing Options Not Involving Social Media

1. College Marketing Events on Campus

Holding an event on campus is a great way to stand out from the competition and reach the college crowd. You can hold an event as part of a larger event on campus, such as Parents’ Weekend or College Homecoming. This is a great to utilize the increased foot-traffic these events bring. However, there will be lots going on at these events, so you should decide if you would rather hold a solo event with fewer distractions and more attention for your brand or if you would rather share the space to present to larger crowds.

2. OOH Displays on Campus

Advertising to students on campus is highly-targeted way to get in front of the college demographic and increase brand awareness for your brand. Students live, study, eat, and party on campus and OOH displays can be utilized to reach students during any of these activities. Advertise to students in residence halls with dorm room advertising. Advertise to students in libraries, classrooms, and computer labs with poster and media board advertising. Advertise to students in dining halls with table tent ads. Advertise to students during fraternity and sorority parties or at tailgating events with free koozie or product sample giveaways.

3. Student Brand Ambassador Outreach

College students value word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and peers and are more likely to trust this advice then other forms of marketing. However, this needs to be done in authentic, organic way; otherwise, it will fail miserably. Brands need to hire student brand ambassadors, or work with a college marketing agency with an existing network of campus representatives, that are genuinely passionate about the product, service, event, cause, or program they are promoting.

For example, if an environmental organization hires a brand ambassador that drives a Hummer and doesn’t believe in global warming, that’s going to be a problem and the message they’re promoting is going to come across as false. Now, if they hire a student who bikes to school, buys organic food, and loves hiking outdoors, they’re message will come across as more genuine as the brand ambassador will be more passionate about the promotion.

It’s important to remember that not all brand ambassador promotions or college marketing agencies offer the same quality to detail. You need to make sure to select the one that’s going to provide the most effective, high-quality interactions with students.

There are many effective ways to market to college students that don’t involve social media. Contact us to explore some of these college marketing alternatives and see if they’re right for your brand.


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