College Marketing Tips for Car Manufacturers Part 3

College Marketing Tips for Car Manufacturers

Today’s youth pose a serious challenge to automakers. This article explores college marketing tips for car manufacturers and discusses how the auto industry can appeal to college students. 

This blog post, continues the series on how car manufacturers can appeal to the college crowd and provides additional college marketing tips and advice for auto brands. Check out part 1 and part 2, if you missed them.

College Marketing Tips for Car Manufacturers

6. Car Companies Should Market an Experience When Advertising to Students

Anticipating Experience-Based Purchases More Enjoyable Than Material Ones.jpg

Increasingly, college students and millennials value experiences over consumer goods and this attitude is reflected in their spending patterns, as well as their satisfaction levels when contemplating a purchase:

Researchers assigned 97 college students to think of either an experiential purchase or a material purchase that they intended to make very soon. They then rated whether their anticipation of the purchase was more akin to impatience or excitement, and they also rated the overall pleasantness of their anticipation. In general, students reported positive feelings about both types of purchases, but those who were assigned to think about their impending experiential purchases, such as ski passes or concert tickets, reported their anticipation as more pleasant than those who were assigned to think about impending material purchases, such as clothing and laptops.

While cars are inherently material goods, automakers do not need to despair; instead, they need to change the way they market to college students, millennials, and teens. Most car ads and marketing campaigns focus on status and show how cars are the extension of your image. While this may have worked in the past, it is not going to appeal to today’s youth.

Car companies need to show how cars allow you to have new experiences and adventures, such as a college road trip or driving to spring break with friends. You want them to dream about the experiences they can have and how your car can get them there. Appeal to their experience-driven mentality, highlighting your car in the process, and asking them where they want to go. Fuel their dreams and you will go far!

7. Car Companies Should Generate Brand Awareness on Campus

GM table tent college advertising campaign

Once you’ve designed your creative to appeal to the college mindset, it’s important to get your message in front of college students and the best way to do that is on campus. A great way to generate brand awareness on campus is by executing a print OOH campaign using a variety of college advertising mediums designed to reach students in different settings and create repeat exposure.

Consider posting table tents in dining halls, student lounges, campus cafes, computer labs, study areas, and libraries. These ads are posted on the center of tables and will be visible to students as they sit down to study or eat. Poster ads complement the table tent ads, as they can be placed in classrooms, academic buildings, and hallways around campus. Additionally, you can place door hanger ads in college dorms, resident halls, and on campus apartments to reach students where they live.

Using a multi-media marketing approach on campus will help your brand break through the clutter and leave an impression with students. Get students driving today and increase auto sales with college advertising! Read our General Motors college marketing case study to learn how we helped promote GM on campuses around the country.

Stay tuned for our next blog post that will explore more college marketing tips for car manufacturers.

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