Creative College Marketing Campaigns Focus on Meaningful Engagements

Creative College Marketing Campaigns

Creative college marketing campaigns focus on meaningful engagements, incorporate images that covey emotions, and provide a consistent message across mediums.

It may seem today that creativity in college marketing has been replaced with text messages, tweets and short online ads—the types of advertising that this demographic is mostly likely to ignore and dislike! While there is a certainly a place for mobile and online advertising it needs to be done in a thoughtful, interactive way. Young people have shortened attention spans and tons of advertising vying for their attention, across mediums, so it’s extremely important for brands to communicate their story in creative, personal ways.

Creativity, both in messaging and in delivery, is essential in today’s college marketing programs. The creative is what captures the imagination and starts to build desire within the viewer. Once you have a compelling ad, you need to plan logistics and execution. You need to be equally creative in how you market your message and across what channels. It’s a good idea to have in-person marketing promotions to supplement any digital marketing efforts.

Marketers have mere seconds to capture the attention of millennials online: “when marketers think they are buying a 10-second ad, they really have to get their message out in two seconds, or else most won’t see it.” Unfortunately, 2 seconds is not a whole lot of time to work with. However, millennials will spend more time interacting with your brand if you use some type of in-person, peer-to-peer marketing approach. It’s much easier to ignore an impersonal online ad, than it is to ignore a person!

Creative College Marketing Campaigns Incorporate Images

Successful college marketing programs capture the imagination of students. Images quickly convey information and allow brands to creatively showcase their product and brand image. Images allow you to convey an emotion or feeling that is easy to remember. Make sure to feature memorable images consumers can easily recall.

Creating the right image and understanding how to present that image to your audience is crucial for a successful ad campaign. A company that specializes in college marketing has the insight to help you promote that iconic image and branding opportunity to your target audience on campus.

A college marketing company will have experience in working with highly-successful marketing campaigns and will understand what types of images and creative styles are most appealing to this age group and this target audience. You want the college student to be able to glance at the image, form a favorable opinion, and become curious about finding out more about your product, company and brand.

Creative College Marketing Campaigns Across Channels

While it may be natural to assume that all college marketing is now based on technology, the reality is that marketing on a wider level and including a range of different types of advertising is still the best method for success. Students are not only getting information off of social networking sites; college kids still watch television, listen to the radio, read their college newspapers and look at posters and print advertising on campus. More importantly, they talk and listen to their peers. Peer-to-peer marketing is one of the most effective college marketing mediums out there, and often one of the most underutilized!

A top college marketing company will be able to use your creative marketing images to provide a consistent and appealing message to your audience. This helps to reinforce your brand across mediums, creating brand awareness and inspiring action. Let us help you in develop an effective college marketing campaign. Contact us to learn more.

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