Build Brand Awareness with College Football Marketing

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College football marketing provides tremendous branding opportunities for companies looking to reach the college crowd. Explore college football marketing strategies that don’t break the bank and are accessible to both big and small companies.

Low-Cost Options for College Football Marketing

  1. Use College Street Teams to Pass Out Promotional Materials

Brand ambassadors are an excellent way to get your promotional ads into the hands of football game attendees. They can pass out call-to-action coupons, samples, or promotional flyers to attendees as they enter and exit the arena. If you want to target college students specifically, you can hire students to pass out swag in the student section of the stands. This is a fun, interactive way of reaching fans and raising awareness for your brand.

  1. Distribute Branded Items that Contribute to the Game Day Experience

Companies that want to have their logo repeatedly seen by college students, should consider handing out branded items to students on game day. Make sure to giveaway custom logo promotional products students will find useful and want to hang on to, such as koozies, football seat cushions, water bottles, soft-sided coolers, bottle openers, ball caps, t-shirts, inflatable beach balls, or ponchos (if the weather is bad, fans will really appreciate these).

  1. Have Fraternities and Sororities Host Game Day Parties

Fraternities and sororities know how to party and they can make excellent brand advocates as their influence on campus is huge. Consider partnering with fraternity and sorority groups on campus and have them host a game day party, where they talk about your product or service, encourage brand interaction, and provide branded items to their peers. Students will have a fun game day experience and form positive associations with your brand. Just remember to keep it fun and meaningful.

  1. Advertise at Tailgating Events

Marketing at tailgating events is a great college football marketing technique. Tailgating brings people together and allows them to participate in a social experience; it is not just about football, but a way for people to bond and socialize. The crowd at tailgating events is huge and brands can build brand awareness through tailgate marketing. However, it’s important to build on the community bond and social experience. Carefully plan your tailgate marketing strategy to contribute and engage with the tailgating community.

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