Leveraging College Event Marketing

Leveraging College Event Marketing

Is your company considering ramping up efforts by marketing to the lucrative college student segment? If so, there are a number of opportunities that college marketing presents. Events are a great way of reaching a wide audience and have huge viral potential. The right approach to college event marketing could increase the rate of the event’s registration, and help with the follow-through from attendees after the event is over. There are a number of important elements to consider when planning a college event marketing strategy:


College Event Marketing Experiential Marketing Campaign

You want to do something memorable. That’s how you’ll get students’ attention. It’s important to think like your target audience, especially if you’re not the only sponsor at the event. College students are very savvy when it comes to marketing and advertising, so it can be challenging to capture their attention; but the success that comes with an engaging event, makes it a very worthwhile effort.


College Event Marketing Digital Signups

A good college event marketing campaign has viral value. Students often share information and /or wear branded merchandise, in addition to talking with others about the event—this allows others to hear about your event and generates brand awareness. Be sure that your methods engage students in a positive way. Getting a social media sign-up or opt-in to a newsletter is a great call-to-action tool you can use to can continually engage with them after the event is over. Online contests are another area that brings about great ROI for your efforts and any associated expenses.


College Event Marketing Measurement Tracking Campaigns

Measurement is a vital aspect of college event marketing. No matter your goal, whether you want to boost awareness, sell something, or increase your online presence you want to know which elements of your strategy work well and which need improvement. Through measurement you can learn from each event and make future marketing initiatives even more successful. Measurement can help you set parameters for the future, such as determining timing, branding, merchandise, and other elements of executing a successful strategy aimed at college students.

College Event Marketing Tip:

Consider leveraging professional college event marketing services that can help you with all of the above areas. Professional college marketing agencies have tools, expertise, and proven methods of success when it comes to marketing to college students, leveraging events to build brand awareness, and in helping companies come up with innovative ways of reaching college students.

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