Fraternities and Sororities Influence College Marketing Campaigns Part 2

On Campus Fraternity and Sorority Marketing

Sorority Girls Holding Branded Beer Koozies at a Fraternity and Sorority Party

In part 1, I discussed fraternities and sororities’ influence on campus and their impact on college marketing campaigns. In part 2, I will share 3 college marketing strategies involving on campus fraternity and sorority marketing.

3 Ways Brands Can Promote On Campus Using Fraternity and Sorority Marketing

1. Giveaway Branded Koozies at Fraternity and Sorority Parties

A great brand awareness technique for companies looking to break into the college market and reach the elusive college consumer is by giving away branded koozies at fraternity and sorority parties. This type of marketing event will have great reach as these get-togethers attract big crowds of influential members of the student body.

Koozies are great for promotional branding as students will use them often—everyone knows college students, fraternities and sororities especially, party regularly. Koozies are also an item students will appreciate receiving. It’s something they find useful, which means they’ll hang onto it after the promotion technically ends, giving your brand extended exposure.

2. Have Fraternities and Sororities Host a Promotional Event

Fraternities and sororities have a big influence on campus and companies that want to capture the attention of college students, should consider using fraternities and sororities to host promotional events on campus. Fraternities and sororities have connections with student groups, faculty members, alumni, and other members of the campus community. They’re great at getting the word out about an event they’re hosting and know how to make students feel welcome and a part of something fun and exciting. Whether you’re launching a new app, promoting a new product, or starting a new business, fraternity and sorority promotional events are a great way to spread the word and gain new customers.

3. Have Fraternities and Sororities Set Up Tables On Campus

Since fraternities and sororities are student organizations, they have certain access to student spaces that are typically restricted to companies and brands. As a result, they can promote your product using their student status. For example, most college campuses hold events in the student union featuring student clubs and organizations as a way for incoming students to learn about different groups and activities. Fraternities and sororities are well represented at these events and can set up a table and pass out branded material or product samples to students, in addition to information about their organization.

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