Fraternities and Sororities Influence College Marketing Campaigns Part 1

Sororities Influence College Marketing Campaigns

Fraternity and sorority marketing is a great way for companies to promote their products on campus. Fraternity and sorority groups are comprised of influential members of the student body and can have a big impact on campus trends.

Fraternities and Sororities Have Huge Influence On Campus

Fraternities and sororities have huge influence on campus in part because of their active role within the campus community. Greek organizations require their members to participate in a wide variety of events and activities, such as attending socials and mixers, participating in philanthropic activities, going to assigned tailgates for football games or anything that a chapter sees fit. Their huge social presence within the campus community allows them to interact with many students, both Greek life members and non-Greeks.

A lot of students view Greek societies as exclusive social organizations shrouded in mystery and because of this many students want to join a society or are curious as to what takes place within the Greek life community and in Greek houses. However, not everyone who wishes to join a fraternity or sorority and participates in the rush process is extended an invitation. Because of the association with exclusivity and cult status, students pay attention to members of fraternities and sororities and are influenced by them.

How Sororities Made Fanny Packs Popular

One never thought the words hip and fanny pack would be associated with one another, but this is happening all across the country as fanny packs rise in popularity. College sororities helped reshape the image of the fanny pack and turned it into a fashionable accessory. They did this by wearing them on campus, at high-traffic events—parties, football games, concerts, music festivals—and by sharing images of themselves wearing fanny packs on social media sites. Samantha Rubenstein tweeted, “I want to be in a sorority solely for the fanny pack.” This shows just how linked fanny packs and sororities have become. Sorority marketing is a great way to introduce a new product, especially a fashion or beauty product, as they have significant influence on their peers. Once a product or service catches on with the college crowd, it oftentimes spreads into the mainstream. Everyone knows millennials love to spread the word about products and brands they love with others.

Fraternity Members Influence Now and Later

Not only do fraternity members have huge influence when they are collegiate members, they also have major influence later in life:

Approximately 80% of the executives of the 500 largest corporations in America are fraternity men. More than three fourths of our U .S. Senators are fraternity men, as are a majority of the men listed in Who’s Who in America. Of the sixteen U.S. Presidents who had a chance to join a college fraternity, thirteen took advantage of the opportunity.[i]

This demonstrates that the majority of the leadership roles in the US are members of a fraternity. With leadership comes the power to influence others. Brands that can connect with collegiate fraternities and gain their loyalty during these impressionable college years, not only have the chance to develop lifetime loyalty with the fraternity members, but also have the opportunity to have influential leaders speak fondly about your brand in the future!

In Fraternities and Sororities Influence College Marketing Campaigns Part 2, I will discuss different ways brands can promote products on campus using fraternity and sorority marketing.

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