Why Use College Marketing Representatives Part 2

Why Use College Marketing Representatives Part 2

In my last blog post, I discussed the difference between a brand ambassador and a college marketing representative. Today, I’d like to further explore the benefits of using college marketing representatives.

College Marketing Representatives Know the Ins and Outs of Their Campus

One of the biggest benefits of using college marketing representatives is having access to their insider knowledge of campus life and using this information to better plan marketing campaigns. These representatives are currently living the student experience and their knowledge is up to date, relevant, and personal. This information is much more valuable than someone with an academic understanding of the college and youth market, especially given the complexity and rapidly evolving nature of this demographic.

College marketing representatives know the peculiarities of their particular campus. They know where students hang out. They know what events are going on in a particular week, month, and semester. They know what’s trending on campus and what students are talking about on- and offline. All of this information plays a vital role when developing a college marketing program.

Here’s an example of an event that a Florida State University college marketing representative knows about, that an outsider most likely doesn’t: on select Friday nights, FSU offers breakfast for a buck from 11 PM – 2 AM. This is a popular event for students who’ve been out partying and want to eat copious amounts of food on the cheap. This is a great event for bars, clubs, and late night entertainment venues to advertise at. They can use college marketing representatives to pass out coupons to students for the following weekend. It’s also a great opportunity for brands promoting a hangover remedy or energy drink to pass out samples as students enter or exit the event.

College marketing representatives give you a huge edge over the competition and can take your college marketing campaign to the next level. They know things non-students don’t know about. When developing an on-campus marketing campaign, make sure to consult an agency with a large network of college marketing representatives. This insight will prove invaluable. 

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