Sports Events Magazine’s Interview with NAM Youth Marketing

Attracting Millennials to Sports Events

NAM Youth Marketing was featured in an article recently by Sports Events Magazine—a magazine dedicated to helping planners of sporting events and competitions become more successful. Here’s an excerpt of the questions I was asked for the article with my responses:

1. What are the major challenges of getting millennials’ attention?

Technology plays a significant role in millennials’ lives and causes their values to rapidly change. For instance, smartphones and social networking allow millennials to connect with friends without leaving home. This challenges industries that historically relied on more-active participation. These businesses must now reimagine how to capture the attention of increasingly distracted and electronically connected youths.

2. Based on your experiences, what are some key marketing approaches that draw millennials to attend events?

Millennials tend to value experiences over material goods, which is great news for event-based industries. To capitalize on this trend, such businesses must create a marketing plan for the experience they offer that resonates with youths. Then, they must deliver this message via the right channels—a process requiring innovation and engagement.

For example, NAM Youth Marketing recently worked with a ski resort that wanted to attract college students. We specifically hired student ambassadors who were passionate about skiing. This enabled them to more easily connect with relevant groups on campus and target those most likely to purchase a pass. Our combination of highly targeted advertising and a prominent call to action yielded great results.

3. With sports events in particular, how can planners engage millennials in competing and in being supportive as spectators?

When it comes to attracting participants, many sports tend to focus on the goal of winning. While this certainly appeals to a core group of talented athletes, it might dissuade newcomers.

Look at Tough Mudder: it has experienced tremendous growth over the last several years, largely due to its focus on camaraderie, self-improvement, and the experience itself. Winning isn’t the be-all and end-all, so everyone feels welcome.

As far as spectator sports, event planners need to make fans feel like an important part of a community. Sporting events are unique: practically nowhere else can people have thousands of others “on their side,” cheering right along with them. This creates an instant connection. By appealing to millennials’ desire to be part of a larger community, planners can fill stands.

4. Why is it important that sports events planners reach out to millennials?

Millennials are an economic force to be reckoned with, and their spending power is only going to increase. More importantly, as millennials become parents, they will influence a whole new generation. If millennials are sports enthusiasts and athletes, they will share this passion with their kids.

To read the full article, Marketing To Millennials? Engage Them In The Experience by Marcia Bradford, click on this link and navigate to page 17 and 18.

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