College Marketing Ideas for Back to School Part 2

In my last blog, College Marketing Ideas for Back to School Part 1, I listed 5 college marketing ideas for reaching students during the fall semester. In this blog, I will explore 5 additional college marketing ideas for back-to-college marketing.

6. Advertise at College Football Games and Sporting Events

Advertise at College Football Games and Sporting Events

College sporting events are great venues for connecting with college students and promoting your brand! High-traffic games provide opportunities to deliver your message to large crowds of college students in fun, interactive ways. There are many options to advertise at college football games and other popular sporting events that don’t require huge budgets. Consider advertising at tailgating events, using brand ambassadors to pass out product samples or promotional material, having fraternities or sororities host game day parties and introduce your product, promoting sweepstakes and contests, or setting up on-campus game day events.

7. Pass Out Welcome Bags to Students During Orientation Events

7.	Pass Out Welcome Bags to Students During Orientation Events

Orientation is an exciting time for college students and a wonderful time for brands to connect with students and generate brand awareness. One way to make a meaningful impression with students is by passing out welcome bags containing product samples, coupons, snacks, and promotion swag. It’s important that the promotional swag is something that students will actually find useful or entertaining, such as stylus pens, water bottles, smartphone accessories, highlighters, etc. Otherwise, your branded material will miss the mark. Students will gladly take welcome bags and is a great idea for brands wanting to showcase a few of their products!

8. Participate in Dorm Room Move-In Events

Participate in Dorm Room Move-In Events

Dorm room move-in day is a busy day on campus—parents help students get settled in, roommates meet for the first time, and college students prepare for life on campus. Dorm room move-in events are great for brands wanting to reach students and parents. It’s a rare time of the year when both parents and students are on campus at the same time. Also, it’s an event where brands can make a favorable impression. Consider helping students move in, transporting students to your store so they can shop for dorm room furnishings or school supplies, or passing out coupons for your restaurant so families can celebrate after a hard day of unpacking. These experiential marketing events work well on college campuses.

9. Launch Contests on Social Media

Launch a Contest on Social Media

You can’t mention college marketing today without mentioning social media. There’s no denying college students spend a lot of time connected to their smartphones and social media accounts. Offering contests and sweepstakes on social media is a great way to generate leads by having students fill out entry forms and opt-in to receive news, updates, and promotional messaging from your company. Social media marketing is also a great way to encourage digital interaction before and after the on-campus events or promotions.

10. Advertise in Campus Dining Halls and Cafes

Advertise in Campus Dining Halls and Cafes

Students have so much going on at the beginning of the fall semester. They usually don’t have time to think about preparing food or plan where they’re going to eat and instead opt for on-campus dining options. This makes advertising in dining halls and campus cafes a wonderful way for brands to gain exposure. Consider placing table tent ads on all the indoor tables at dining facilities on campus. This is great for branding because many students will visit their dining halls multiple times a day, creating tons of repeat exposure for your brand!

If you’re interested in any of these college marketing ideas for back-to-college marketing, feel free to schedule a consultation or call 888-631-9222 to learn more. 

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