College Marketing Ideas for Back to School Part 1

1. Offer College Student Discounts

college marketing ideas back to school

A great way to generate new customers and inform incoming students about your business is by providing students with a discount to your establishment. Have brand ambassadors pass out promotional coupons at the beginning of the fall semester. That way you will encourage students to visit your business before buying patterns set in. Consider offering a college student discount day every week to promote repeat business.

2. Provide Students with Free Samples

college marketing ideas college sampling

College sampling is a great way to get your products into the hands of students. Incoming college students will be buying many items for the first time and a way to encourage them to choose your brand over the competition is by giving them a free sample. Reach college students during this impressionable time with college sampling.

3. Connect with Students at Orientation

college marketing ideas orientation marketing

There are many events on campus before the start of the fall semester to welcome incoming students. This is a great time for businesses to connect with students and parents. Many students will be furnishing their dorm room, buying school supplies and textbooks, and stocking up on food, appliances, and household cleaners during this time. Brands looking to tap into this consumer market should consider orientation marketing.

4. Advertise in Campus Cafes

College Marketing Ideas Advertising in Campus Cafes

Everyone loves coffee and this is especially true for college students! On campus coffee shops will be packed at the start of the fall semester as students adjust back to college life. Consider hosting a free coffee event—college students will love you for this. You can also use java sleeve advertising to generate brand awareness.

5. Advertise in Campus Dorms

college marketing ideas dorm room advertising

 A great way to reach a large portion of the student population is by advertising in dorm rooms. You can have door hangers placed on dorm room doors with a call-to-action coupon or promo code. This is a wonderful way for delivery restaurants to entice students to order in. It’s also excellent for brands who want to direct students to a webpage or store.

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