College Postering Remains Relevant in College Marketing

Why College Postering Remains Relevant in College Advertising

College postering remains relevant in college marketing. Print remains an effective advertising medium in reaching students on college campuses.

Why College Postering Remains Relevant in College Advertising

When brands and companies think of advertising to students, they often think of digital advertising. After all, students spend a lot of their time online, on social media, and on their smartphones. This coupled with the fact that print advertising is declining makes most marketers look toward digital and experiential mediums, and while these platforms can be highly successful, print shouldn’t be overlooked when advertising to students.

College campuses are like worlds onto themselves. Each college and university has their own unique culture, history, and student body. Where mainstream newspaper readership is declining rapidly, college newspapers have a 95% readership rate. This is because college newspapers are written by students for students and is a great way for students to stay informed about campus news, events, and issues that are relevant to them.

Just like college students read their campus newspapers, they also pay attention to the posters on campus bulletin boards. This is where they go to find information about student groups and clubs, educational programs, and travel and entertainment opportunities. Since they are constantly checking the bulletin boards for up-to-date news and activities, it’s a great way for companies to build brand awareness.

Who Should Use College Postering?

1. Educational Recruiters Who Want to Reach Targeted Students

College poster advertising is great for educational clients trying to recruit students for study abroad classes, graduate programs, professional schools, academic contests, or other type of educational opportunity. It allows you to reach your target student in the department or building where they are taking classes and studying; this targeted marketing will result in high-quality leads and applicants.

2. Businesses trying to Raise Awareness and Drive Sales

College postering is great if you are launching a new business, app, social media platform, or product and want to raise awareness on campus. You can draw repeat exposure by placing posters throughout high-traffic locations on campus—dining halls, student unions, dorm rooms, classrooms, libraries, student lounges, and outside kiosks. Having your college ads up over the course of several weeks to months will really leave an impression and build awareness for your brand. Make sure to have a call to action coupon, promotion, or discount on your poster to drive sales.

If you want to learn more about college postering and discuss if it is the right medium to use to reach your target market, contact NAM and speak with a college marketing specialist. We’re here to answer your questions and make your campaign a successful on

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