Use College Marketing to Reach College Students Where They Work

Reaching College Students at Work
College marketing gives brands the opportunity to reach college students where they study, live, work, and play. Employers, graduate and professional schools, and other organizations looking to increase applicants can reach college students where they work.

Use College Marketing to Reach College Students Where they Work

  1. Reach College Students on the Job

Reach College Students at Work Recruiters Reach College Students

A great way for recruiters to reach their target audience is by advertising to students at work. Most colleges offer some form of work study for qualifying students on campus. On-campus employers tend to give preference to student applicants applying for work-study programs in their field. For example, preference is often given to a biology major for an assistant biologist position.

This means that recruiters can advertise directly to their ideal candidate by marketing to students who work in the industry they want to target. For example, the Jet Programme—a program that brings college graduates to Japan to teach English and promote cultural exchange—could reach out to students working in the English Department as tutors. These students would make desirable applicants because they have a strong background in English and have experience teaching the language to others.

This type of target advertising is great for enrollment marketing, campus recruiting, STEM marketing, and cause marketing. This is a great way to reach a specific segment of the student population with a high return on investment. You will only be marketing to highly-qualified leads.

  1. Use College Marketing to Increase Student Applicants

Generate Quality Leads with College Marketing Increase Student Applicants Generate Leads

A great way to increase student applicants is by targeting student clubs that are career oriented. For example, if you’re a medial school recruiter interested in ways to increase student applicants consider using student ambassadors to promote at the Aspiring Medical Professionals Club, Advocates for World Healthcare, American Medical Women’s Association-Undergraduate Chapter, Business of Medicine, and other student clubs catering to people interested in health and medicine.

Student ambassadors will have access to student clubs, classrooms, and campus organizations, enabling them to connect with your target audience and promote your program to students most likely to engage with the opportunity. You can have these students hand out promotional material, make announcements, or even generate leads by collecting data cards from students who would like to receive more information about your program.

Use college marketing to reach students where they work or at career-related activities or clubs to increase applicants and generate quality leads! 

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