Use College Marketing to Reach College Students Where they Live

Dorm Room Advertising

College marketing gives brands the opportunity to reach college students where they study, live, work, and play. Reach college students where they live by advertising in dorm rooms, dining halls, and around campus.

Use College Marketing to Reach College Students Where they Live

1. Use College Marketing to Reach College Students in Dorms

Advertising in Dorms Reach College Students in Dorms Dorm Room Advertising College Students

Dorm room advertising is a great way to bring your ad into college students’ homes. According to Collegebound Network, 40 percent of full-time students at public colleges live on campus and 64 percent of full-time students at private colleges live on campus. Some colleges require students to live on campus for a portion of their collegiate career. For example, Williams College only allows select seniors to live off campus, all other students must live on campus. This shows the huge opportunity dorm room advertising offers brands!

Dorm Room Door Hanger Ad Student Dorm Advertising

There are several ways to reach college students in dorms. The first method is to use door hangers. These are similar to the “do not disturb” door hangers commonly used in hotels, except they display your brand’s message. They can be placed on dorm room doors if students aren’t home or they can be delivered directly into the hands of residents who are home. These door hangers are highly successful, especially when paired with a call-to-action message, such as a time-sensitive coupon or student discount.

Hanger Advertisements

Another option for dorm room advertising are giving away free branded hangers. These hangers are fully functional and can support clothes and heavy winter jackets. These products are great for back-to-school advertising and are particularly useful for freshmen moving into college dorms for the first time. They can be placed in students dorms before they move in or they can be distributed in welcome bags at orientation.

2. Use College Marketing to Reach Students in Dining Halls

College Advertising Dining Halls Table Tent Advertising

Another place college students spend a great deal of time is at campus dining halls. Many students who live on campus have a meal plan as part of their housing package and many students who don’t live on campus still have some form of meal plan to use at campus dining facilities. Most students don’t have time or inclination to cook all their meals themselves and instead choose to eat on campus.

Table tents are a great form of college advertising that generates brand awareness through repeat exposure. College students visit their dining halls regularly and will see your ad each time they eat there. Table tents are prominently displayed in the center of each table and can’t be missed.

3. Use College Marketing to Reach Students Around Campus

College Event Marketing Use College Marketing to Reach College Students

When college students aren’t in their dorms or eating at the dining halls, they are usually wondering around campus. This is a great time to engage college students with peer-to-peer marketing. Successful campus promotions need to be fun, entertaining, and easily relatable. That’s where it pays to use student brand ambassadors!

Brand ambassadors have access to all areas of campus students have access to and they are living the student experience at the university the promotion is taking place. This gives them an instant connection with other students and they can easily introduce your brand and product in a way that resonates with their peers. Contact us today to learn more about NAM Youth Marketing and our services. 

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