College Advertising for Telecommunications Companies

College Advertising for Telecommunications Companies

College consumers are an important target market for telecommunications companies. Learn about college advertising for telecommunications companies and why the college market is such a lucrative demographic.   

Why Telecommunications Companies Should Advertise to College Students

The college market is a very lucrative target market for telecommunication companies for several reasons. College students, especially college freshmen, are moving away from home for the first time. This is a critical time for telecommunications companies to reach incoming students and capture their attention before brand loyalties have been established.

Many incoming students will need to set up internet and tv services for the first time in their lives. The telecommunications company that reaches these students first, will have a huge advantage over the competition. College students have a lot to think about during the weeks leading up to and during the start of the fall semester. The last thing they want to worry about is setting up internet and tv services. If a telecommunications company advertises their services to students on campus and offers a hassle-free service bundle, this package will appeal to students. Students value convenience and telecommunications companies who offer students fast and easy solutions will gain new customers.

Another reason why college students are a lucrative target market is because they have not established consumer buying patterns yet. This means that companies who successfully gain them as customers during this impressionable period have the opportunity to make them into loyal lifetime customers.

Ways to Use College Advertising for Telecommunications Companies

A great time to reach incoming students is during freshman orientation. This usually happens several weeks before the start of classes and before many students have moved into their dorms and apartments. This means they haven’t set up internet and tv services yet, which gives your company an opportunity to generate brand awareness and position yourself as a leading service provider. Advertising during freshmen orientation allows you to reach parents and students, and is a great multi-generational marketing opportunity.

  • Leave an Impression with Peer-to-Peer Marketing

Rise above the noise with peer-to-peer marketing. Many companies advertise to students through the mail, on bill boards, and through on-campus posters; all of these methods are  great ways to create impressions and build brand awareness. However, when you want consumers to purchase a plan, you need an approach that will drive results. Peer-to-peer marketing allows your company to reach students directly and ensures that your advertisement is delivered into the hands of college students. It also allows for person-to-person interactions and is a lot more memorable than standalone print advertising, because it provides a human connection.

  • Have a Call-to-Action Incentive

You want your consumer to purchase, buy, or enroll in a service and you want them to do this quickly while your company is fresh in their minds. The best way to do this is to provide them with a call-to-action incentive. On the promotional material, make sure you offer a special introductory rate, a student discount code, a free trial, or some other incentive to entice them to act. But, also make sure the incentive has a deadline. You want to motivate students to act quickly.

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