Encourage App Downloads with College Marketing

Encourage App Downloads with College Marketing

Use highly-networked brand ambassadors to promote your app on social media channels and encourage app downloads with college marketing.

In my last blog post, I explored ways app developers can use college marketing to increase app downloads on college campuses. In this blog post, I will explore ways to encourage app downloads with college marketing from an online and social media perspective, using key influencers.

Social media marketing is a great way to reach college students online. But, unlike banner ads and paid advertising, you must develop a social media marketing strategy that will influence, engage, and encourage students to download your app. This can be achieved by using highly-connected student brand ambassadors to engage with their peers, professors, targeted groups, and page administrators to effectively promote your app to interested groups and individuals.

Ways to Encourage App Downloads with College Marketing

  • Perform Industry Research

In order to have a successful college marketing campaign and to achieve the best results, industry research needs to be done before the start of the app promotion. You need to have a deep understanding of the target audience, both on and offline. You need to understand where they hang out, what social media platforms they engage with, and where they’re concentrated online. You also, need to listen to the conversations they’re having and what types of brands they’re interacting with. This research will help you develop an effective targeted social media marketing campaign that encourages app downloads.

  • Make a College Marketing Plan

Once this research has been performed, you need to develop a college marketing plan. Student brand ambassadors must be thoroughly trained as to the rules and protocols of the app download campaign, but also thoroughly understand the purpose of the app and how to use it. Otherwise, the connections they make won’t seem genuine. The focus needs to not just be on downloads, but on retention as well. You want people interested in using the app, not just downloading it.

  • Execute the College Marketing Campaign

This is where the industry research comes into play. The brand ambassadors will begin making connections with the research contacts found in the research phase—including groups, students, professors, and page admins—and begin developing relationships with these groups and individuals in order to promote the app and encourage app downloads. Each brand ambassador will spread the link and app information through the appropriate social channels individually and through targeted groups on social media.

  • Track & Measure Results

Give each agent a link and QR code specific to them, so all the app downloads and link activity is tracked; you can have it set up where every time the link is clicked for an agent, that agent’s score goes up by one. The campaign manager can then track their agents’ scores live in real time. This helps the campaign manager find out who the top brand ambassadors are and discuss their promotional methods with others. These tips can then be shared with other brand ambassadors.

app downloads with college marketing chart

To learn more about these methods and to have an experienced company help you promote your app, call 888-631-9222. We know how to spread the word about your app and how to increase app downloads through college marketing. Let us help you succeed!


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