Pizza and Delivery Restaurants Can Increase Sales with On Campus Advertising

Pizza and Delivery Restaurants Can Increase Sales with On Campus Advertising

College students value convenience and are impulse purchasers. Pizza and delivery restaurants can increase sales with on campus advertising.

College students are a critical demographic for pizza and delivery restaurants. College students have atypical eating patterns; they keep strange hours and value foods that cater to their on-the-go lifestyle. Convenience matters greatly to them, and they are willing to pay a premium for convenience.

They appreciate anything that allows them to sleep in a little later, party a little longer, and saves them time and hassle. That’s why they value restaurants that offer delivery; they can have food brought to them without having to waste unnecessary time and energy. It allows them to spend more time doing what they want. Pizza will always be one of their go-to foods because they can have it delivered at all hours of the day or night, which caters to their ever-changing schedules.

Ways Pizza and Delivery Companies Can Increase Sales With On Campus Advertising

Pizza companies and delivery restaurants vie for students’ attention. One way companies can stand out from their competitors is with on campus advertising. This brings the advertising into student space. The strategic placement of college ads on campus awakens students to your brand’s message and motivates them to act. There are several different ways restaurants can raise awareness and increase sales with on campus advertising, including:

  • On Campus Flyering

On Campus Flyering


On Campus flyering is a great way to motivate students into ordering or purchasing food from your establishment. College street teams can pass out flyers to students around meal times, at the release of events, or during the late-night hours in college dorms when everyone is hungry but no one wants to leave for food. Passing out promotional flyers with call-to-action messages during these moments of need, will greatly enhance your marketing efforts and will encourage many students to make impulse purchases. You fulfill students’ needs by catering to their impulses.

  • Table Tents

table tents on campus advertising
Table tents are a great way to increase sales with on campus advertising. It’s common knowledge that people eat when they’re bored and it’s also common knowledge that students would prefer to do almost anything than study. By placing table tents on tables in the library, you can lure students away from their studies for a much needed snack or food break. Make sure to craft a message that plays on their wants and desires. For example, your message could read: “Tired of studying? Come recharge with a slice of pizza. You deserve a break.”

If you’re a delivery restaurant or pizza place and want to learn more ways to increase sales with on-campus advertising, contact Marc Sorel.

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