Generate Brand Awareness On Campus

Generate Brand Awareness On Campus

Learn how to generate brand awareness on campus and reinforce your brand image with consistent brand messaging across marketing channels.

How to Generate Brand Awareness On Campus

1. Develop Consistent Brand Messaging Across Marketing Channels

Before you employ an on campus advertising campaign, you must develop a story or brand message that will resonate across marketing channels. This message needs to be consistent visually, as well as thematically. You want people to quickly look at a company ad or image and immediately associate it with your brand. This consistency will greatly enhance your ability to generate brand awareness on campus quickly and effectively.

Microsoft Employs Consistent Messaging with College Advertising

In effort to attract more contestants to the Microsoft Imagine Cup, a worldwide technology competition for college students, Microsoft used a variety of college marketing channels to increase participation. Though they used diverse mediums and images, they used similar content throughout—images of young people celebrating, shaking hands, and congratulating each other. The images conveyed excitement, potential, and possibility.

Generate Brand Awareness On Campus  Dorm Room Door Hangers              Table Tents                             Flyers

Peer-to-Peer Facebook marketing Peer-to-Peer Facebook Marketing

Generate Brand Awareness On Campus Advertising

Door Hanger Brochures        Classroom Announcements                      Posters

Generate Brand Awareness On Campus Through Consistent Brand Messaging!

2. Target Your Niche Audience Through Repeat Exposure

A great way to generate brand awareness on campus is through repeat targeted marketing. For example, the Microsoft Imagine Cup Campaign’s target audience was technology, computer science, and engineering students on campus. So for their campaign they advertised to students in classrooms, clubs, groups, and buildings related to those focus areas. Being a tech company they incorporated QR codes into their campaign to bridge print and online ads. The incorporation of technology, the niche focus, and the repeat exposure of ads across mediums, attracted the attention of their niche audience with relevant on campus ads.

Generate Brand Awareness QR Code AdvertisingTarget Marketing On Campus Using Giant QR Codes to Attract Attention

Whether you’re trying to reach college students in general or a niche subset of the college student population, college marketing is the way to go. Contact Marc Sorel to learn more in depth ways to generate brand awareness on campus. 

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