Advertising Video Games on College Campuses

Advertising Video Games on College Campuses

College students love gaming as it’s a way to socialize with their peers and escape from the stress of everyday life. Advertising video games on college campuses is a great way to promote an upcoming release or introduce new devices.

Video Games Provide an Opportunity for Socialization and Friendship

The majority of college students play video games regularly. This is not surprising given their preference for socialization and group activities. Video games allow students to connect and hangout, and many students play video games as a social activity. In fact, “51 percent of men believe[] that gaming improved their friendship with friends.”[i] Video games are great icebreakers for people that have just met. Video games help people feel more comfortable around each other. It’s a form of entertainment that allows for interaction and teamwork, while reducing social pressure.

Video Games Provide New Experiences and Reduce Stress

College students increasingly value experiences over consumer goods. Part of this change has to do with the high amount of stress in their lives. Students face rising interest rates on student loans, an uncertain labor market upon graduation, the stress of studying and preparing for classes, as well as having to adjust to new academic and social environments. I believe part of the reason students enjoy music festivals, video gaming, and other types of events is because of the escapism those experiences provide. They allow students to forget their worries and live in the moment.

Video games are different then other “real” experiences, in so far as they allow you to embrace the impossible and exceed physical limitations. Anything you can imagine, can be made possible through video games. This has massive appeal among the gaming community, which college students are a part of.

James Creange, a sophomore college student, explains how video games allow him to surmount real world obstacles and experience things he would not be able to accomplish in the real world: “I like to vicariously live through the animated characters. I like to pretend that I’m a good athlete, and so I like to control someone doing crazy stuff … I’m not as good as NBA players are in real life, so it’s kind of fun to get that experience when you’re playing it virtually instead of on the court.”[ii]

The Benefit of Advertising Video Games on College Campuses

Since college students comprise a large portion of the gaming community, advertising video games on college campuses makes sense. The college demographic is receptive to new video games and technological devices. When advertising video games on college campuses, be sure to emphasize the social aspects of the game and what they will experience. Consider passing out promotional flyers with the release information, video game information, and a college student promo code; this promo code provides them with an incentive to act.

Other ways of advertising video games on college campuses include: hosting a video gaming event, hanging posters on college bulletin boards, using college street teams to engage fellow students, holding a video gaming contest, using social influencers to post on social media accounts, advertising in dorms on college campuses, advertising in dining halls on campus, as well as other guerilla marketing techniques.

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[i] Weaver, Jane. “College Students are Avid Gamers.” NBC News.

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