Marketing to College Students Using a Highly Effective College Marketing Strategy

Marketing to College Students Using a Highly Effective College Marketing Strategy

Advertising to college students using a multimedia approach will yield better results and lead to a more effective advertising campaign.

Lately, many businesses and organizations assume that smartphones are the best method of marketing to college students. However, you don’t want your company to have tunnel vision and neglect other college marketing ideas that are equally beneficial.

College text message advertising can be a great way of reaching college students. However, pairing text message advertising with varied forms of on-campus advertising will leave a more lasting impression.

College students are known for their ability to multi-task. They may read updates on Facebook, flip through a magazine, text their friend, all while listening to the radio. With so much technology and media out there, you need to make sure your company is utilizing all possible avenues to come up with a strategic college marketing plan.

Repetition and marketing on multiple channels is essential when marketing to college students, due to their spread out attention and limited focus. Sometimes it takes multiple media platforms to get the word out.

NAM Youth Marketing can help you develop a college marketing campaign designed specifically for your company’s needs utilizing a multitude of channels, including campus postering, college event marketing, college newspaper advertising, as well as campus sampling.

If you want a more direct and adaptable approach you can utilize college street teams to promote and represent your company. Their fellow classmates and peers are much harder to ignore than traditional print methods and more likely to start a word of mouth viral marketing strategy on campus. Hype is always a welcome boon and can quickly spread into social media outlets as well.

Contact NAM Youth Marketing today and we will help you come up with a college marketing strategy that fits your needs and captures and cultivates the youth market. After all lifelong customers start with the youth. Don’t let this key demographic slip your grasp! 

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