How to Successfully Recruit New Members for Your Organization

How to Successfully Recruit New Members for Your Organization

Recruit new members to your organization or cause through on-campus advertising! Learn different ways to recruit new members on college campuses.

There are many student organizations on campus for students to join and participate in. The best way to bring awareness of your organization to the student body and attract new members is through on campus advertising. It is important to try and get new members as early as possible and at the collegiate level. If a person joins an organization or club in college, they are more likely to support that organization and its values later in life.

For example, if your campus organization is part of a larger nationwide organization, the students can still continue to be involved later in life. It is essential that your organization recruit members early if it is involved in some kind of cause, such as advocating for human rights or the environment, advocating for immigrant and refugee rights, campus ministry and faith outreach, or even a political organization or cause. This is important because once a person is involved in an organization they take in the values of that organization and will continue to practice them after college.

On campus advertising is a must when trying to recruit college students to join your organization. NAM Youth Marketing can help you reach this target audience with promotional fliers, dorm room door hangers, bulletin board ads, college newspaper advertising, social media marketing, college e-mail marketing and college text messaging.

If you want to get even more direct and personal with the students, we can use college street teams to promote your organization and help with recruiting. College street teams are composed of college age students from a diverse set of backgrounds. They go on campus and pass out fliers and other promotional material; they will talk directly with the students about your organization and what it has to offer.

Consider doing a combination of marketing approaches for the biggest effect. You will be amazed by the results. Contact NAM Youth Marketing today and we will help you design a marketing campaign to meet your recruiting needs.

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