Why Fitness Brands Should Advertise to College Students

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Why Fitness Brands Should Advertise to College Students?

College students are interested in leading healthy lifestyles and fitness brands can help them reach their goals and fuel their passions. Fitness brands should advertise to college students to develop brand loyalty and to set lifetime patterns in motion.

Opportunities abound for fitness brands looking to expand their college and youth consumer base.  Fitness brands should view college students as an ideal marketing segment for several reasons. First, they genuinely have an interest in fitness and health; unlike older demographics that oftentimes join gyms or alter their diets based on health-related problems or aging, college students and teens are pursuing healthy lifestyles on their own initiative. They’re taking proactive measures to improve their quality of life now.

Laura Shoaps, a 25 year old law student, expresses her views on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle: “At this point, the thing that I’m most thinking about is taking care of my body from a physical and mental standpoint, to be able to be in good shape and still have sharp mental faculties as I grow older.”[1] This is a common viewpoint expressed by college students. That is not to say that the demographic doesn’t make unhealthy choices at times (binge drinking, eating junk food, consuming high amounts of caffeine, not getting enough sleep etc.), but rather they try to balance their lifestyles to include healthy choices.

College students’ interest in health and fitness at this early stage in their lives is a great boon for fitness brands. A lot of habits, brand loyalties, and outlooks on life begin to develop during these formative years. Greatist CEO & Founder Derek Flanzraich explains the importance of reaching people at an early age regarding fitness and health: “Once you start hitting 18, 19, 20, 21 those habits and attitudes that are going to last throughout your life. Now is the time you can order at a restaurant and say ‘hold the potatoes and give me extra veggies.”[2]

Derek Flanzraich touches upon a critical topic—people are much more impressionable at this young age, late teens to early twenties, than later in life. This is one of the reasons why fitness brands should advertise to college students—to instill in them a passion for an active lifestyle. Not only can fitness brands help students develop an appreciation for athleticism, but they can also develop brand loyalties with the youth. Since fitness is a lifestyle choice, fitness brands have a strong chance of gaining brand loyalty from young adults for life.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Why do you think fitness brands should advertise to college students? Let me know in the comments.

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