College and Metro Area Marketing: Get Bold with Print

Get Bold with Print: Sticky Note Marketing
Sticky Note Marketing Attracts Attention and Encourages Engagement

Think print advertising is dead? Think again. Print advertising, when used in innovative ways, can leave quite the impression and encourage meaningful engagement. From billboards to magazine ads, there are a lot of different print ads out there, vying for people’s attention. One way to stand out among the clutter is to use ad mediums that aren’t commonly used; this will attract notice and draw attention to your brand.

1.     Make a Statement with Wild Postings

Wild postings are ads that are posted on construction site screens or walls in highly-trafficked pedestrian areas. They are street-level ads that target passerbyes and are typically large, bright, and colorful. Usually the ads are repeated throughout a block or over the course of several blocks. This repetitive, bold form of advertising really reinforces the message and is a high impact way to advertise. Use wild postings to promote events, introduce new products, and drive brand awareness. Wild postings can be done in metro areas, as well as on college campuses. Look into wild posting advertising today!

2. Use Sticky Note Marketing to Encourage Engagement

Another way to get bold with print is to use sticky note marketing—a highly engaging form of print advertising. Sticky note marketing encourages people to participate and interact with your brand. Sticky note marketing works best when you ask questions and let people fill out and display their answers publicly. It is a very personal form of advertising because fans and participants are able to explain what the brand or product means to them; they get to describe their experiences. This is important, especially when marketing to the youth because they value co-creation and believe that people should help tell a brand’s story.  After all, stories and people make a brand—more so than the product itself.

Sticky note marketing and wild postings are two forms of OOH that really resonate with viewers. Contact NAM Youth Marketing to learn more. Get bold with print today! 

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