Advertise to College Students During Campus Market Days

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Want to inform college students about your company and product? Campus market days are a fun and affordable way to reach the college market.

Almost every University around the nation has some form of market day on campus. A campus market day is where various university organizations like clubs, fraternities and sororities, as well as various market vendors come to promote their product, company, or organization.

This can create quite a buzz on campus; many students look forward to campus market days and like to discuss the upcoming events with one another. The use of market days builds an effective viral word of mouth marketing strategy and can create a lot of hype and excitement on campus. At Florida State University there is a campus market day at the Oglesby Union (the student union on campus) every Wednesday. Many vendors are present and it’s a great way to catch the attention of passing students.

You can have a table with sample products, if you want to present college students with a taste of your company or product. This way they get to try your products for free, which will leave them with a favorable impression of your company. The next time they want to buy something in your product category, they will think of your company first and foremost.

You can also have informational flyers and posters displayed. The posters can catch their eye and lead them to your table and the informational will flyers leave them with something to take home–a reminder of your brand. You can also have someone there representing your company who can answer any questions the college students may have. This is a much more interactive form of advertising, then just posters or flyers. This allows for instant communication between college students and a brand ambassador.

So if you want an easy way to reach college students, find out about on campus market days. Call 888-631-9222 to learn more!

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