3 Innovative Back-to-College Marketing Ideas

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3 Innovative Back-to-College Marketing Ideas

This blog post will explore 3 innovative back-to-college marketing ideas that will make your brand stand out among competitors and leave an impression on incoming college students.  

1. Use Upperclassmen Influencers

One excellent back-to-college marketing idea is to use upperclassmen to engage with freshmen students at orientation. Starting college for the first time is a major life changing event. Students beginning their transition into college are brimming with anticipation, hope, excitement, nervousness, and fear. Upperclassmen can alleviate some of their worries, show them the ins-and-outs of college life, and promote your company in a authentic meaningful way.

You can hire upperclassmen to meet with new students and introduce them to your business. For example, if you have a burger restaurant and you cater to college kids, you could have a student brand ambassador give them a tour of campus, provide them with a coupon to your establishment, and then invite them to join him that evening for burgers. This exposes students early in their collegiate career to your restaurant and associates your venue with the start of their collegiate journey. It’s a friendly, social way to gain clientele.

2. Giveaway Welcome Bags or College Survival Kits

Welcome Bags innovative back-to-college marketing ideas

Handing out welcome bags to students during orientation or giving them to students as they enter their dorms is a great way to welcome students and introduce them to your product or service in a fun way. The bags could contain items for students to help “survive” college, like instant coffee, on-the-go snacks for when they’re running late to class, ear plugs (in case they get a noisy roommate), a funny list of ways college students can save time, etc. This can be great for snack brands and beverage companies and is a good way to introduce humor into your advertising campaign.

3. Take Advantage of  Stair Advertising

stair advertising innovative back-to-college marketing ideas Stair Advertising Gym

Back-to-School is a great time for stair advertising, as students will be going up and down stairs frequently during dorm room move in. Why not make students laugh and distract them as they climb up and down the stairs? Laughter can win you the respect of college students, as they appreciate optimism and have a positive outlook on life.

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