Restaurants Should Use College Marketing to Attract Customers

College students are impulsive, social, and adventurous—making them an ideal target audience. Restaurants should use college marketing to gain clientele.

Restaurants, especially more expensive dining establishments, have a tendency to neglect advertising to college students—casting them off as cheap. However, this is a mistake as college students value experiences over consumer goods, are adventurous eaters, and love social gatherings. Plus, “87% of Millennials will splurge on a nice meal even when money is tight.”[1] These qualities make them ideal customers.

So how do you attract college students to your establishment? First and foremost, take a look at your menu. Do you offer unique flavor combinations? Do you have a wide variety of options? Do you allow customization of items? Do you mention where your food is coming from? Millennials appreciate high-quality food that tastes good, but the experience is of equal importance.

They want something that will excite their taste buds and leave an impression. But, they also want to know the story behind the food they eat. Is it authentic to a particular place? Is it a fusion, a globalization of cuisines? Where do the ingredients come from? Are they organic? The menus and dishes are the heart of your business; they tell your brand’s story and it’s a story college students want to here.

Restaurants Should Use College Marketing to Attract Customers

Once your menu is in order, it is time to begin advertising to college students using a call-to-action marketing strategy. Have college street teams pass out flyers to student on campus; this will expose them to your restaurant and increase awareness. Include a call-to-action coupon on the flyer. College students are impulsive and this coupon will motivate them to act. By including a discount in the flyer, you will be able to measure ROI. You can see how many coupons were used and compare that to the number delivered.

Another great way of reaching college students is through dorm room advertising. Hang door hangers on dorm room doors. Most dorms contain multiple students to a dorm, so one door hanger will reach several students. This is a great idea for restaurants that offer delivery services as students love convenient dining options. You can increase the effectiveness by placing the door hangers around meal times or late at night when students want a snack.

Now that you know why restaurants should use college marketing to attract customers, you need to learn more about different college marketing options. Contact NAM Youth Marketing. We want to make your restaurant popular among the college crowd.

Millennials are an important demographic for the food industry. Many consider themselves foodies and want to try new foods and dishes they’ve never had before. They view dining out as an experience worth spending money on. Restaurants should use college marketing to reach millennials and influence this very important consumer segment.

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[1] “Millennials Are the Tastemakers in Food.” Millennial Marketing.

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