College Student Interviews: College Marketing That Gets Attention

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NAM Youth Marketing conducted college student interviews to find out what kinds of advertising resonate with students.

In an effort to understand what kinds of advertisements and marketing campaigns capture students’ attention, NAM Youth Marketing went to college campuses and conducted college student interviews with students directly.

The Question: What advertising best attracts your attention?

Students Answers:

“I guess basically things that relate to me. . . Personally, I’ll be honest. If I see . . . people I feel like I have things in common with, I’ll be more interested in the commercial I’m looking at. . . I tend to pay attention to a commercial that has youth in it, then like old people or something.”

“When something is really catchy. So, like pretty posters or . . . messages that aren’t really clear. When I see them all around the campus every time, that’s when I feel like, I really remember.”

“Any dancing animals. I’m serious. Like, dancing animals are priceless. Anytime you throw animals into something . . . I think the best strategy would be to capture any type of social phenomenon or internet phenomenon and ride with that. If you can make any type of pop culture reference, you’re good.”

“Effective advertising is something that really catches the eye, really kind of snags my attention. There are some campaigns that don’t really describe what they’re advertising, but they use something really catchy, like a picture or something and then like a website that tells you where to go to find out more information . . . The flashy, catching the attention thing, really works.”

“Usually on the internet, like just little slogans and stuff that like are just kind of catchy. They stick with you and you just think about it constantly.”

“Flashier pictures do get my attention, if they have a really grabbing message or image or something like that. But, the main kinds of advertising that would get my attention our things that kind of rise above the noise. Either, I mean the biggest thing is obviously word of mouth. If a friend of mine likes it, then I’m going to place much more emphasis on that, than if I see a picture or something. Or you know a TV commercial that’s unusual or has something to set it apart, cause there’s a lot of noise and anything that will separate it from that is going to be effective.”

“I mean, just putting a flashy name or catchy name won’t really do it, but if it has some type of slogan attached or a tag line that will make me read into it a little bit more. That’s what will usually get me there. Given my experience, word of mouth is the best way to get someone to go someplace.”

These types of advertising really stood out in our conversations:


Catchy posters

Pop culture references


Eye-catching ads

Catchy slogans

Word of Mouth

Ads that Rise Above the Noise

Watch the following YouTube video to see and hear students’ responses:

At NAM Youth Marketing, we provide a variety of effective college marketing methods for our clients. We solicit student feedback directly and understand the value of listening to college student interviews to gain greater insight into the college demographic. Call 888-631-9222 for more information.

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