College Student Interviews: College Marketing Attracts Attention, Part 2

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What types of college marketing attracts attention? NAM Youth Marketing interviewed college students to determine what kinds of advertisements students find most effective on campus.

In Part 1 of this series, NAM Youth Marketing went to college campuses and interviewed college students directly in an effort to understand what kinds of advertisements and marketing campaigns capture students’ attention. In Part 2, NAM explores this concept further with more student interviews.

The Question: What advertising best attracts your attention?

Students Answers:

“Usually, it’s context. If I see something . . . on a street post, it’s not going to really catch my attention if it’s a black or white something.”

“Usually, very well made posters that I see in my dorm or in the dining hall. Usually when I get onto the elevator, someplace I usually go daily.”

“A lot of things on my email will grab my attention especially if they’re in bold. Something else that grabs my attention are usually like if it’s in the mailbox, things like postcards. Not your average paper slip will catch my attention.  More likely in brighter colors. Bright paper usually catches my attention as well as far as advertising goes.”

“Effective advertising, I see as like, as something that really appeals and can attract people visually right off the bat and I think that it really helps just to pull people in or it can be something very . . . beyond the norm. I think it’s all about where you place the advertisement to.”

“Something that’s not intrusive or thrown on me as to just look at and see. I like things that are subtle. That I can go by and like understand and like whoa that caught my attention in a very like smart way; instead of just putting it there for me to see. I don’t like that. It annoys me. It makes me hate that.”

College Marketing Attracts Attention from Students’ Perspectives:

Advertisement Placement Matters

In Dining Halls, In Dorms, In Elevators, Repeat Exposure, Seen Daily, On Street Posts

Materials Matter

Bright Colors, Well-Made Posters, Postcards, Black and White is Boring, Quality Matters

Context Matters

Bold Emails, Subtle Advertising, Advertising that Goes Beyond the Norm, Non-Intrusive Advertising, Smart Advertising

Watch the following YouTube video to see and hear students’ responses:

At NAM Youth Marketing, we provide a variety of effective college marketing methods for our clients. We research college students’ media consumption habits, advertising preferences, and youth marketing trends in order to understand what kinds of college marketing attracts attention. Call 888-631-9222 for more information.

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