Why College Newspaper Advertising Effectively Reaches College Students

College newspaper advertising allows businesses to effectively reach college students on campus at select locations nationwide.

Most colleges and universities have a student-run newspaper that is released on a regular basis free of charge to students. These newspapers contain relevant information and news pertaining to the students at the university. The newspapers list upcoming events on campus and recap the latest sporting events or university accomplishments.

Members contribute stories that will interest other students, from reviews of new music to explaining new student government bills and how they affect students and student organizations. Theses opinions our reflections from a student perspective and sometimes don’t coincide with administrative views. This makes the newspaper more accessible to other students, as they’re written by peers and people they share common experiences and interests with versus older faculty members and professors.

Campus newspapers differ vastly from university to university. They’re released at different frequencies, have different advertising rates and display options, as well as different times of year that they’re distributed. NAM Youth Marketing understands the complexities and nuances between the schools and their newspaper adverting policies. A college marketing specialist will be happy to work with you and go over the various options.

College newspaper advertising effectively reaches college students as students readily peruse their campus newspapers. College newspaper advertising—on and offline—allows businesses to connect with student audiences and generates brand exposure. College newspapers have a 95% readership. Present your ad to a captive audience through this much-loved medium.

NAM Youth Marketing has been helping companies and brands connect with students since 1997. Our marketing experts will assist you in selecting colleges and universities best suited for your college marketing goals. Our exclusive college advertising network of over 4,000 campuses offers you a wide selection of locations. Contact NAM today to learn more about college newspaper advertising!

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