College Marketing Ideas for Reaching College Students On Campus

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Reaching college students on campus is easy if brands use engaging marketing approaches.

College campuses are unique in so far as they have a high concentration of 18 to 24 year olds gathered in a relatively small, compact space. College campuses are also designed with pedestrians in mind. Most students navigate campus on foot, even those with cars, for the convenience factor. Everything is logically organized and arranged to meet pedestrians’ demands. These are great advantages for brands wanting to connect with and engage the college demographic.

There are several different ways of reaching college students on campus, including:

  • College Sampling– Passing out promotional samples to college students on campus in one way to generate product awareness among the student population. This can be done in high-traffic locations, such as the student union, at the entrances of dining halls, and outside the library or a more targeted approach can be utilized depending on company goals.
  • Coupons – Handing coupons to students is a great call-to-action device. College students act impulsively; a coupon provides them with incentive to visit an establishment or purchase a product. Coupons also provide insight into a company’s marketing campaign as they are easily trackable. This helps businesses measure ROI.  
  • Distributing promotional materials – This is a great way to build awareness and get a company’s logo all over campus. Students love free stuff and will readily wear and use items given to them. These items will act as wearable ads and can include items such as t-shirts, headbands, pins, hats, and sunglasses. Reusable items can also be distributed, such as Frisbees, cups, magnets, cloth bags, eraser boards, etc. These items will constantly remind students of your company.  
  • Contests – Everyone loves a chance to win something for free. Hold contests on campus in exchange for consumer information or to build excitement about new products or services. Contests are a fun way to promote your company.

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