Using P2P Marketing to Generate Leads

Using P2P Marketing to Generate Leads image

Break college advertising barriers with P2P marketing. College students value P2P recommendations and are more willing to listen to a peer promoting a company, than to a brand promoting itself.

Start Conversations With P2P Marketing

P2P marketing is excellent way to start conversations with college students and foster brand interest. Colleges are tight-knit communities and students who attend them take pride in their university and share a common bond with other attendees. Every college has a language of its own, from college football chants to unique traditions, and these shared experiences bring students together.

Businesses might have trouble reaching college students on campus due to limited access and students’ tendency to avoid corporate advertising, especially when it is advertised in their academic space. However, businesses should not give up on advertising on college campuses because college students are such a vital demographic for future growth. Create a loyal fan base by building relationships with young adults early in their consumer life and by instilling buying habits during their formative college years.

Gain Access to College Campuses With P2P Marketing

P2P marketing allows brands to access college campuses and space typically reserved for students, such as dorm rooms, dining halls, libraries, and student unions. P2P marketing does more than just bypass the physical obstacles; it also breaks down barriers with students. College students are more likely to engage with their peers than with companies. Student brand ambassadors have points in common with other students and can foster organic conversations about your brand with their peers, generating real interest.

First impressions matter and students are more willing to listen to a peer—someone they can easily relate to—than a business trying to sell them something. P2P marketing can include data collection, lead generation, brand awareness, as well as college sampling distribution.

If you want to learn more about P2P marketing and on-campus advertising, contact NAM Youth marketing and speak with a college marketing specialist today!

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