Use Humor as a Way to Advertise to College Students

Use Humor as a Way to Advertise to College Students

Humor can be an effective strategy to employ when trying to reach the college market.

College students love humor and they spend a lot of their free time finding outlets for laughter. Whether it’s from watching videos on YouTube or CollegeHumor, college students love watching humorous content. Comedy gives students a momentary distraction from all the stresses of day-to-day life. Between attending classes, studying, and worrying about their economic futures and rising tuition costs, college students have a lot on their minds. Humor provides them with a much needed escape—a momentary release from the all their worries and frustrations.

If you want to appeal to young adults and have an effective youth marketing strategy, use humor as a way to advertise to college students. Subway’s sex billboard is a great example of humorous, eye-catching content. It makes people stop and do a double take; they want to read what the billboard is all about. Humor puts people in a good mood and your ad campaign can be responsible for people’s momentary happiness. College students will appreciate your brand more, if you can make them laugh.

Use Humor as a Way to Advertise to College Students

One way to make sure you reach college students is by distributing visually funny posters around campus, making sure to target the major hot spots on campus—such as dining halls, dorm rooms, student unions, football stadiums, and libraries. If your brand can create an ad that genuinely makes college students laugh, they will quickly share the ad with their friends on and offline. This will naturally lead to a viral word of mouth marketing strategy, which will bring more attention to your brand. Use humor as a way to advertise to students and gain recognition for your company and respect from the youth.

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