How to Have a Successful Recruiting Campaign

How to Have a Successful Recruiting Campaign image

Attracting top graduates to your company requires a strategic recruiting campaign designed to resonate with college graduates. 

Recruit Top Graduates

Every company strives to recruit the best new talent from top colleges and universities around the nation. Recent graduates can bring energy, innovation, and a new perspective to your company. Many graduates are highly motivated, hard working, and looking for entry-level positions. If you want to recruit the top graduates from the best schools around the nation, it is imperative to have a strategic recruiting approach.

The most effective time to recruit graduating seniors is during the months leading up to graduation. During this time students will eagerly plan what they’re going to do after graduation, where they’re going to work, and where they’re going to live. If you have an engaging recruiting campaign, you can push your company to the forefront of their minds.

It is important to let the graduating class know about your company and what it has to offer. Consider having an informational flyer distributed to college seniors, highlighting your company’s mission statement, current entry-level openings, and the employee benefit package. Demonstrate to the graduating class that your company is a great place to begin a career. With so many companies and career paths out there, you need to market why your company would be best for them.

Recruiting Campaigns On Campus

One way to do this is with on-campus advertising. Potential ideas include: hanging posters advertising your company and upcoming positions on bulletin boards around campus, having college street teams distribute promotional flyers directly to graduating students, and making targeted announcements at industry specific clubs, classrooms, and student organizations on campus.

NAM Youth Marketing will help you find the right recruiting campaign for your company, helping you to attract the very best new talent. After all, we have the experience and skills required to make your recruiting campaign a success. Contact us today!

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